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7 Feb 2022

name that song

Need some help in finding this song. Remember only some stuff from thevideoclip. It was a male performer, white like irish-american, in his 30-40s, possibly curly, short, light brown-reddish hair. He was singing as if he was calling from a payphone/telephone booth or something. The sound of the song was electric (not acoustic guitar) and possibly - synthesizers, and his voice / or the chorus was getting also 'distorted' at times to resemble a long distance call. I guess I can narrow it down to the 70-90s the most. The lyrics were mentioning a name, something like the ' the years of xxx' or something.

5 Nov 2020

find song

you can do what you want bang you head against the wall

16 Feb 2020

late 50s song who sang it

you dont have to be pretty, or wear those fancy cloths,it has the same mmmmmmmm mmmm humming intro as little bitty pretty one

2 Dec 2019

Song: “you just did what your heart told you to” lyrics+

I am not sure of the title but the lyrics go something like this : though you’re out of my heart you’re still in my dreams, you just did what you’re heart told you to. ‘

25 Oct 2019

Song: “you just did what your heart told you to” lyrics+

I am not sure of the title but the lyrics go something like this : though you’re out of my heart you’re still in my dreams, you just did what you’re heart told you to. ‘

6 Oct 2019

Mp3=g song download

I am looking for a MP3+G downloadable song Rita Coolidge - Your Love Lifts Me Higher

No MP3s at this site

1 Sep 2019

young mother

country male singer "growing up together"

30 Jun 2019

Can't remember the song

I'm pretty sure the song was in Korean and had blue album artwork - granted Icould be wrong - and it had the words (in English) "you are such a liar" and in the final chorus it was flipped to "I am such a liar" - I'm not sure if the final chorus one is correct. Also, I feel like the title had something to do with the word taxi.+

28 Jun 2019

blues lyric

You said you were a shy girl, your life was very tame. I took you to a nightcub, and everyone knew your name.

22 Jun 2019

Is there a song with the lyrics that have the words "your love is like a________ wave?

"Heat" - Martha & The Vandellas

"Tidal" - Pat Benatar

15 Jun 2019

Group name

I’m trying to remember which group sang You can join my gang, that would change the world. You can join my gang even though your a girl

30 May 2019

MP3+G your love is lifting me higher by rita coolidge

I am trying to find MP3+G (your love is lifting me higher) by (Rita Coolidge) to buy and download dose any body know where I can get it without having to become a member to buy it.


29 Mar 2019

What's your name medley with My desire

It's a reggae album, but this song "Whats your name" And "My Desire" Were sangas medley..... I've totally forgotten the artist name... There is another song titled "Sure shot" On the album "I'm a sure shot, and braver"..... Something like that... It's a reggae album

31 Oct 2018

Unknown title and artist of a song with these lyrics

You asked me if I really love you, yes I do, yes I do. You asked me if Ireally care, yes I do, yes I do.

25 Oct 2018

yvonne chaka chaka i'm in love witha dj remix

23 Jun 2018

you know I,ve been a liar all my life

Humorous song that begins how can you believe I said I love you, I,ve been aliar all my life

11 Jun 2018

You call me Lord, Lord And then you go your way

26 May 2018

you touch me right here in my heart

23 Apr 2017

Looking for a song which stars as "your the reason" . The song is of 90,s

12 Apr 2017

you can't see the forest for the trees sung by black female group may be theEmotions or Jones Girls+

28 Feb 2017

Missing someone? +Died or left

Beautiful, sad, slow song. +i heard a woman sing it...talks about being leftand sings the word 'you' a lot....holding the note, as in...youuuuuuuu, youuuuu

22 Feb 2017

Yellow album cover

27 Jan 2017

Looking for an old song - before yr. 2000 I think

The refrain contained something like "When you were young" or "when we wereyoung" and continues with "and [something] [something]". If you can feel the rythm by this would help : la la la laa la la la la la la laaaaa T_T. It's something like Abba, the vocalist is a female I guess, in high pitched voice. Thank you!

24 Jan 2017


You're the girl " This part is sang on a high pitch, the video is in a museum (kind of) it'sprobably 2002+ thank you

7 Oct 2016

Looking for a song

Was repetitive something like this:never mind you are nothing cause its nobodybusiness,nobody business at all,

24 May 2016

Slow rock/rap type song+

"Ohhhhh your my baby" ...something something... "Drives me crazyyyyy"

Its very repetative

31 Mar 2016

ough you got that feeling

24 Mar 2016

Hindi video album+

The first letter of that album was yaila yaila dil tera hogaya, and it washaving all the scenes on the beach and the boy was having big hair's girl got impressed and she started sing a song+

17 Nov 2015

Slow garage+

You're on my mind again

14 Dec 2014

+"She's too young and can't leave her mother"

+"She's too young and can't leave her mother" What song does this come from?

29 Oct 2014

you cant go on forever breaking my heart

i am looking for the song You cant go on for ever breaking my heart

23 Oct 2014

You want a piece of my heart you better start from the top you want to be in the show come on baby lets go+

6 Sep 2014

90s soul

You look into my eyes

31 Aug 2014

you can't marry that girl. I have to say no

24 Aug 2014

Song Artist

A popular 70s song included the lyrics: " You are here in the morning but I just look.away' and repeats lyric: "I need You". ++ Male recording artist

24 Aug 2014

Song Artist

Song from the 70s era with Lyrics: +You are here in the morning But I just look away and "I Need You."

7 Aug 2014

song title

your the lady that i love

23 Jan 2011

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