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30 May 2023

Song with a black haired girl

Song with a black haired girl that has a white dress and black boots, and she sings about how her partner wasn't very good in the bedroom

21 Sep 2021

Song heard in Greece 2007ish

Song that started with cow bell and a lady say something about heaven andhell, its like a dance/club song in Greek?

26 Nov 2020

oh how I miss you so ,female artis sounds like joplin

12 Feb 2020

female vocal+

"Hurt" repeated - eierd tempo with a ton of reverb - sounds like Kay Starr

19 Nov 2019


HAPPY +BIRTHDAY JESUS, +Mommy said you are near, and we celebrate your Birthday on this time of the year.

3 Sep 2019

I'm looking for a song that's from the mid ‘60s, one part is: +‘If you'relooking for a huggin' man a huggin' man they say I am', +‘If you're looking for a kissin' man a kissin' man they say I am'

24 Aug 2019

+how would you feel if you were young and having fun, then one day the doctorswould say, son we’re going to have to take your leg away

11 Jun 2019

little girl

I am looking for a song sang by a daddy to his little daughter with the chorushaving the words Un deux trois un deux trois hopsasa - throwing her into the air. +It was popular in the 50's

3 Jun 2019

I’m looking for a song I can’t find+

I’m looking for a song I can’t find, it is an old one. The lyrics in partof the song are “hello darling, can’t you tell this song is for you” it is an orchestra/piano song. Can you plz try find it?

3 Jun 2019

gosple song

and the handwritting is on the wall and it spells victory the chains have been broken and ive been set free

27 May 2019

dogs that are in heaven

its where a man decends and starts singing later dogs appear next to him+

22 May 2019

Hiding from father up here in barn, he said he would kill me if I would notsteal and I'm so afraid sir he will. ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ + from father

14 May 2019


Heaven is a placr where I want to go, to soothe this trouble mind..

7 May 2019

Name of song and group

Song initials M L R Singer S J contains flower or tree in title any help would be gratefully appreciated

7 May 2019

Name of song and group

O S A R U A T (title) By T S P containing a flower or tree

7 May 2019

Songs containing trees or flowers one word starting with H. Singer initials NC

2 May 2019

Models with water guns on houseboat

There is a song where there is a guy spying on models with binoculars and they gesture for him to come over and hang out on a houseboat. They have water guns and they are wearing only bikinis Dont know if it contains lyrics or not

22 Apr 2019

Possible Music Hall song words

The song might be called Her Little Brother Bill. It is about a girl 'she is aforward thing' but will not take her brother, her little brother Bill, with her when she goes out with other boys.

21 Feb 2019

Name of song and group

I'm looking for the name of a song and group name don't know either but I doremember a few lyrics please let me know the name of song and group the lyrics I know go like this high school girl with your Bobby socks and blue jeans high school girl with the ribbons in your hair you must of came from heaven this is all I can remember anything you could do to help thanks

5 Jan 2019

hour glass+

think this was a 80's rock song +it had thunder playing in the background inparts orechestra or instrumental music in parts and towards the end it had a vincent price sounding voice almost like a poem talking about hourglass +dawn of a new beginning?

Surely the only song with Vincent Price in was "Thriller"?

28 Sep 2018

Looking for music score.

Have you kissed any frogs today I am trying to find the music score for this song. Joe Reed sang it originally and there are more people singing it on Utube

15 Jul 2018

a gospel son that refers to a house and a home

9 Jun 2018


About a woman who's hair blew down the side walk it was either in the 1950'sor the 1960's and was sang by two black men.+

26 May 2018

40's, 50's R&B Blues

Word song no singing +Title 'HOW COME"

19 Mar 2018

song: The High Cost of Lovin

Lyrics: The high cost of lovin is gettin higher every day oh but witheverything worth having there's a price you have to pay so let's make some love tonight and save it for a rainy day cause the high cost of lovin is gettin higher every day.

17 Jan 2018


His walking threw the woods with a gun, it just shows his blue jeans, the gunin his hand, cowboy boots, at the end of the song he shoots the gun

17 Jan 2018


A hit man walking threw the woods with a gun, it just shows his boots & a gunin his hand. At the end he shoots the gun

30 Dec 2017

He's still working on me, to make me what I ought to be.

27 Dec 2017

a 60,s blues or R&B soul song by a female with lyrics ( I live in a house thatover looks the ocean, and I have a big round bed )

8 Dec 2017



13 Sep 2017

country song heaven+

i could have swore it was by jason andean or kenny chesnry but idk it's wherethere like yellow lights he's wearing a cowboy hat and playing a guitar and dancing and says heaven?

12 Sep 2017

Help find song

There is this song that goes loneliness ohhh oh loneliness. Since you wentaway with your love am burning with desire............. etc. I can't remember all the words or the name of the actist but the song is done by a lady and it's in the soft ragge +genre+

10 Aug 2017

punjabi / bollywood song

the only line i remember is 'hey now what you gonna do spin around the bombaegrove'

21 Jul 2017

dance club popular 1997-1999

I was a bartender for Al Who's Place in Columbus, GA. Kevin Gardner playedthis song and it always got everyone dancing. I don't know the name. I think "Hey ho or yo, alright" was a few of the lyrics. I can't ask the person who would know. Does anyone think they may know what this may be.+

9 Jul 2017

Songs in the 60s that have the word honey in it.

2 May 2017


Song from the 70's that talks about a woman with long dark or black hair

29 Apr 2017

Name of a song

I'm looking for a beach song with the words "look at those walking in thosegirls".....

15 Apr 2017

Name of 90's rap song by Halo

Rapper Halo drops Swedish verse in 90's rap song

14 Feb 2017

~shes feeling high now~so good so high~ - ?

SO I listened to this CD around the time CD MP3 players were around and ipods werent exactly cheap and the person probably downloaded it off kazaa. Track was labeled something by "the underdog project" or "the underground project". The song sounded like a dance/club track with a male vocalist singing "and she feelin high now" then back female vocalist softly resonating "so good, so high". While I cant recall the rest of the lyrics, it was quite repetitive, so i doubt there were many. Pretty sure it would have been late 90's, but perhaps late 80's. Considering my search results I dont think it was a chart topper.


30 Jan 2017


I am looking for a song that starts off.... "What does it look like inHeaven?" It was featured in the movie, "Left Behind" with Nicholas Cage. Thank you....

7 Jan 2017


Must contain the word " heartbreaker" in the title

23 Dec 2016

Hey Jump'in

16 Dec 2016


I am trying to find the song/video where a black female is singing and thebackground is like a heavenly place. She is wearing a white dress with white shoes and part of the chorus is heaven heaven. Can you help me out? This sould be back in the late 80's.

13 Oct 2016


1970s or early 1980s song by female with lyrics oh oh honey I'm yours

22 Sep 2016

house party

Hey im looking for a song that begins with light music and has awoman who getsout of a car and closes the door walks into a house party and it pans to two shy kids who hook up later on tin the video.

3 Sep 2016


27 Aug 2016


14 Aug 2016


22 Jun 2016

Title of Song?

Some of the lyrics go something like this: "We could be so far from shore butas long as im with you im home" Then the female singer sings about home being where this person is. I heard it on the radio today and it was really pretty but I can't figure out what it is.

21 May 2016

title of the song

I'm not quite sure of the exact lyrics, but this was sung by a femalesinger... love..fool me again...heartache/heartbreak/highway

19 Jan 2016

words and chords to Dave Mills home

Im looking for the words and chords to Dave Mills song home

24 Dec 2015

looking for song

am looking for a song which the chorus goes something like this, "am looking for the guy that can be in my life...all the single ladies out there...put your hands..." please help. cant find it on subject index because i even dontknow the singer. Thanks.

18 Sep 2015


15 Sep 2015

trying to find a song

i think the title is here i am. not really sure. +but it goes something likethe old al green song. +but this song is slow and it is sung by two men sounds like sam and dave but i looked under them and i dont see it. THE WORDING IS IF YOU NEED COME AND TAKE ME BY THE HAND,IF YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT ME BABY JUST COME AND TAKE ME BY THE HAND.

10 Sep 2015

I'm looking for a song probably 80's where a lady makes a call to her partneron another planet and then gets disconnected at the end

6 Aug 2015

hang song

im looking for a rock song I think from the 80's or 90's with the word "hang"in it.

25 May 2015

holiday it's your holiday

23 May 2015

He had the balls to die for us

2 May 2015

Boy you don't know what you done to me I pomise I love always

16 Apr 2015

RE: 80's or 90's

I am looking for a song that had this verse in it. "Hey there talking to you with your smile turned upside down.

9 Apr 2015


24 Mar 2015


I am looking for a song that is quite old! somewhere between 2000-2009. Its agirl in the video who is singing she has baggy half cut trousers and a crop top, she is wearing a snapback hat in some of the video and has plaits in other bits. Its a pop song. with funky colours+

10 Feb 2015

Boy and girl +their dream

+ the lyrics sound like +hot sot raul +sitting on a Rilla Rau +and a bralla bralla suet. +I know they are not spelled like this but sound like as a child in late 30 and 40s my mother used to sing this. +I stumbled on to it b/4 but cannot find it. +I think it was Swiss,+

1 Jan 2015


house song; only the word honey in the lyrics

27 Oct 2014

70's rock group

hey love chorus line

20 Oct 2014

Hundreds of miles away, but yet I still feel her touch the distance between us doesn't mean that much because two hearts together can always meet as one

20 Oct 2014

god only knows how i love her oh i will hop she was stay+

12 Oct 2014


i want a song which represents +im coming home to heaven to be with my late wife

9 Oct 2014


Hi I'm looking for a song that I heard in a car ride I remember somewhere in the lyrics the words where going like hey hey hey heyyy yah so something like that I think its a new country singer I'm not sure would u please help me

9 Oct 2014

looking for this song

+The song that i was listening to was why dont you make me happy now who.are you who are you who we you we you we

28 Sep 2014

counrty song from 80's

"hitting me hard how you must have felt" female singer

27 Sep 2014

+40's 50's or early 60's

oldie rnb +song lyrics ( look-a-there you ain't got no hair, o,o,o,look-a-there, where is your hair+

27 Sep 2014

+ 40's, 50's or 60's (song) lyrics +( look-a-there, you ain't got no hair,o'o'o'o'look-a-there, where is your hair +

18 Sep 2014

Rock / Heavy Metal song

Hi! I'm looking for a song that I heard on my road trip in USA. I remember that the song was really heavy and that the chorus was the only thing that wasn't really good as it didn't really stand out that much. The lyrics of that chorus was something like "Hand me the keeyyyyys", or "Heaven's the keeeyyyyy", or "Give me the keeyyyy". I would guess it's an american rock group, sound kind of modern. Any tips? =)

11 Sep 2014

lost song

i think it was in the early 80,s. +Cant remember title or artist but know the words. +Here we are once again another years at an end we have had a few ups and downs but were still the same. +Do you remember last june in spain when I smiled at a sinoreta you said never speak to me again that you would leave and find you romeo whats his name you know there was never really anyone else for me but you and I,d like to say heres to you heres to me heres to love. +

6 Sep 2014


the word +honey in lyrics.

15 Aug 2014

the word "house or home in r & b songsi

+I am having a housewarming, so I thought we could play a game to see how manysongs the guest could list that has either house or home in it. ++ ++ I would like them to be from late 70's to present.

Download the CSV files and search in them (sorting by score):

Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock" (1957), The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" (1964), Tom Jones "The Green Green Grass of Home" (1967), Rosemary Clooney "This Ole House" (1954), Rosemary Clooney "Come On-a My House" (1951), Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama" (1974), Frijid Pink "House of the Rising Sun" (1970), Blur "Country House" (1995), Madness "Our House" (1983), Peter Schilling "Major Tom (Coming Home)" (1983), Guy Mitchell "There's Always Room At Our House" (1951), Pat Boone "I'll Be Home" (1956), Johnnie Ray "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" (1952), The Crystals "Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)" (1963), Shakin' Stevens "This Ole House" (1981), The Commodores "Brick House" (1977), Paul Anka "My Home Town" (1960), Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" (1983), Avril Lavigne "Nobody's Home" (2004), Shep & the Limelites "Daddy's Home" (1961), Shawn Colvin "Sunny Came Home" (1997), John Denver "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (1971), Shaun Cassidy "Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)" (1977), Simon & Garfunkel "Homeward Bound" (1966), Diddy Dirty Money "Coming Home" (2011), Impalas "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" (1959), Daughtry "Home" (2007), Jon & Vangelis "I'll Find My Way Home" (1982), Michael Buble "Home" (2005), East 17 "House of Love" (1993), Tom Jones "I'm Coming Home" (1967),

1 Aug 2014

female singer singing during 1962/63 r&b

the r&b song was played on the radio in 1962/63, it went like this- have fun have fun,love the one you're loving and don't worry about me I will fall in love again,but I know no one can ever take your place, it was sung by a female artist.

12 Jul 2014

it is a breakup jazz song that goes, hello baby hope you're doing fine.+smooth ,mellow male voice that says I am doing ok, let me introduce you to my fiance

8 Jul 2014

song that goes haaang on haang on cha cha

26 Jun 2014

I'm looking for a song by a girl that is slow and soft and says lyrics likehere I am and everything you need and here I am

22 May 2014

old old song

call the hermit on the hill. My sister-in-law just pass away and my mother law used to sing the song to her when she was young. Would like to play it for +the services.

3 Jan 2014

a song

I am trying to find name of a song from 1977 to 1980 played on top of the pops where one man introduces the song and another man sings it in the introduction the words beautiful hotel and 3 miles high or wide are used any help would be appreciated thanks from mike

20 Nov 2013


I dont know the name of the song or the aritst...Holdin on I'm just holdin on

6 Oct 2013


sounds kinda like a sugar ray song

13 May 2013

back ground song Youtube "Soldiers surprise mothers on mothers day" compilation, May 12 2013. +First few wirds are "Honey sunshine, light of my life.....I'm alright, I'm OK....."

12 Apr 2013

song played on General Hospital

I am trying to find out the female artist who sings on the very old episode ofGeneral Hospital-the soap +It played during Luke and Lauras second wedding, 25yrs after their first ceremony. +The chorus us "We're right where we belong" +Who sings this?

10 Apr 2013

Hello I Am / I know I Am

I woke up to a song this morning that I've never heard before, so I don't know the name of the song or who sings it. All I know about the song is it's sung by a female vocalist and the chorus (I asume it's the chorus because it was going on at one point under the lead's voice). The chorus was basically "Hello I Am" or "I know I Am" repeated three times followed by a single word that might have been "pain" and then all of that repeated a couple of times. It's a sad song, it sounded like, really depressing.

25 Mar 2013

happy ?

artist has captain in it

"Happy Talk" (1982) by Captain Sensible

If you had searched for "captain happy" in the search box it would have been the third result

16 Jun 2011


Please, i would like to know the singer of the song with lyrics the go something like this at the chorus part.

"Close your eyes and rest your weary mind I promise that i'll stay right beside you Today our life begun and i wish that... You could know how much i love you... Honey are you crying do the tears belong to me

7 Dec 2010

polish / english music

HOT DOG FOR YOU is one song of many polish/english music on a cd looking to buy

This site justs lists songs in the charts, we do not supply actual music files

19 Oct 2010

Daryl Hall

Why is there no entry for Daryl Hall?

We have an entry for "Hall & Oates" rather than spelling the names out in full.