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14 Nov 2020

1970 reggae song , chorus is oh I’m so afraid

16 Apr 2020

Song lyrics from 1920's

She's the only one for me

7 Sep 2019

little kid chimes in hehehe octopus!

Song from about 1992, hip hop female mix vocalist, with interjection of youngkid laughing and then saying octopussy!

30 Jul 2019



14 May 2019

name of song from the 80's, with the lyric "ostracized guy" in it

22 Mar 2019

R&B song from the late 70's knocking once twice on my windowpane

Dawn "Knock Three Times" (1971)

21 Jan 2019



24 Oct 2018

intrumental, good dance song +maybe pewee king ++ pee wee reese

30 Jan 2018

Orange Black

I think it's a Pavement song, where the words "Orange Black" are repeated atthe end.

27 Dec 2017

oh oh na naaa nan ana oh yeah

a slow song male vocal guesssang in early 1990s

25 May 2017

love song

Oh Oh I'm in love, so in love songfrom the late 1960's

26 Feb 2017

song form seventies

a female artist sang "Our Father who art in heaven"+

3 Jan 2017

i think 3 boys sing it, i dont remeber the lyrics but the song starts withoooooooh x2. they are playing instruments and i believe the video clip is set up in a room.

10 Nov 2016

Slow song, female artist

Looking for a slow song by female artist played in my yoga class and haslyrics with oooooooh my lord or my own

7 Nov 2016

in the song the words

some of the words was. one sat alone beside the hiway begging his eyes were blind he could not see then jesus came

24 Aug 2016

Final trip to graveyard

There was a song written for the funeral of one of the Kingsmen singersmother's years ago that had these words in the lyrics. *One day the final trip to the graveyard will be made. One day the final teardrop will fall.* Can anyone give me the title of the song or a link to the actual song lyrics?

6 Aug 2016

Song that released between 2010 and 2015

The only thing I remember was a guy in the chorus saying "OUUUUuuu" and Ibelieve that note was autotuned. It went from high to low pitch. Sorry for the lack of info+

The site http::/the MusicID revenue site/ would be better for music from 2010-2015

23 Jun 2016

love song

with the words: one kiss, two hearts, forever ..

4 Jun 2016

disco song

on and on now and then sometimes that's the way its always been

2 Jun 2015

2003 song

I am trying to find a song which has a chorus which goes oh no or sung by(Ithink an American girl singer or group). +It was played around September 2003 so I presume it was a new release from them. +Please not it IS NOT Brenda Russell with Piano in the Dark.

16 May 2015

name of song

im searching for a song I think late 70s or 80s sung by a girl and has the lyric ostracized guy" in it.

2 Apr 2015


Not sure what the song is, but I know somewhere towards the end of the music video from the 1990's are to girls dressed up in really sharp suits I think one is in an orange suit with short blond hair & the other is in a white suit, they both have hats on to match their suits and look like gangster ladies singing outside with a bunch of guys with nice old skool flashy cars & think they are singing about Oakland.

10 Nov 2014

need to find a song+

The lyrics go something like this: Oh well oh well well listen to them . +It is rather an old song+

31 Oct 2014

I heard this song on the radio I think it was a kids program the song was with lyrics oh no I love my sister I thing between 1990 -1992

14 Aug 2014

One in million and everybody knows .... Your the love of my life+

Sounds like a black male singer . Lyrics along the lines of your the love of my life .... Your one in a million and everybody knows ...... Time period prob between 60's - 80' by the sound of it+

19 Jun 2014

Need to find a song

Oh darling if there is an everafter I'd like to take you there among the starts somewher

13 Jun 2014

70s song +

Some of the lyrics are . I see your body hanging over me . Chorus is there's only you and it repeats again+

2 Jun 2014

country song

I am tring to find out who wrote or recorded a country song called 'Once'. It is rather old.



The following artists had a hit (somewhere) with a song called "Once" Jan Peerce (1951), Genevieve (1966) and Van Halen (1998)

3 Apr 2014

Oh Mother, How pretty the moon looks tonight...twas never so cunning before...

My mother used to sing this song to me when I was a little girl. Probably late 30's or early 40's. She sang it to me whenever there was a quarter moon.

The song (and poem) was called "The New Moon" and is traditional, first written down by Eliza Lee Follen in a book called "Little Songs".

In the Southern US this was recorded as "How Pretty the Moon Looks Tonight" but it was never a hit.

28 Feb 2014

oh to be

its a love song, kinda folkish, something about being the kite in sky or hand in your pocket, etc

11 Jan 2014

im looking for the name of a song its about between this boy and his older neighbor man the kid goes to college mom calls guys dies kid comes home for funeral

26 Jun 2013


Back in early 40's I was a 6 yr old flower girl at a wedding. Apparently the name of the bridegroom was Johnny. I was on the stage to sing a song of which all I remember was "Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, how you can love. Oh Johnny, oh Johnny heavens above, you make my heart"

----and that is all I can remember. It would be so great to find the music and the rest of the lyrics. Perhaps it was called "Oh Johnny". Thank you in advance for your assistance.

We think the song you are after is "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!" which was a minor hit for Elizabeth Brice in 1917 revived by The Andrews Sisters and Orrin Tucker & his Orchestra in 1939/40.

The lyrics go:

Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! How you can love Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Heavens above You make my sad heart jump with joy And when you're near I just can't sit still a minute I'm so, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Please tell me dear What makes me love you so?

25 Nov 2012

date song written

when was 'only a beautiful picture in a beautiful golden frame written and popularised - it is an old irish folk song - thank you

3 Nov 2010

one love

Hi, I remember a soul band from the 80's and believe their name was "One Love" of course I could be wrong. The lyrics in their most popular song went; "I think we conquered the impossible, we found a love that can survive, in a world that's filled with pain and lies, we've found that truth without compromise" I believe the year could have been 1984/5.

Can you help, can't find this group anywhere..... Was I dreaming?

No group called "One Love" had any hits anywhere in our lists (which we suspect means they had no hits anywhere)

We've checked a few sources but can't find the lyrics you mention either