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13 Jan 2022



21 Jul 2021

Turkish song 90’s +with lyrics “gel”

I’m looking for a turkish song by female singer +in whose music video agroup of teenagers played rollerblades. I remember the turkish word “gel” meaning “come” in the song which was repeated frequently. That song belonged to the 90’s.+

22 Apr 2020

Gypsy Kings

I'm looking for the name of a Gypsy Kings song with a beginning that soundsa little like the Arabic call to prayer. +It is very haunting and clearly has Moorish influences. +

22 Jan 2020

song with lyrics ghetto+

im looking for a french song in 2000 to 2002 that has lyrics gheto neiga ...ghetto ghetto o ooo. please help

6 Nov 2019

gaynor /gay

any song to +or about a lady called gay or gaynor

31 Aug 2019


ooh youre looking at me ooh Im looking at your baby lets get this done

16 Jul 2019

genie from Bagdad

anti-bigotry song from about 1948...asks a resident genie to get rid of allstrangers from America...the concluding lyrics: like the rest of the foreigners, he's gone back to Bagdad

26 May 2019

this song features a girl singing in the desert with very well-built goodlooking men and there is a sports car in the video

1 Apr 2019

Song about a garden

Sings about meeting in the garden

29 Mar 2019


In the late 1960s or early 70s there was a song with the lyrics "Go with theWhales, cross the seas, cross the skies" and also "like an Eagle.." was in there too. The Bank of NSW used it as an ad after it finished on the radio. I remember this song though I was only 8 y.o. or so.

22 Mar 2019

It’s such a sad situation the moon up above But with this whole congregation how can we make love I want you, I need you, for crying out loud, Let’s go to Grand Central Station to get away from the crowd

29 Oct 2018

god dearest crown

it +said +jesus said i wll go down so he laid aside his robe and his crown

14 Jun 2018

song about stuff

around 2003 or so there was a song on the country charts about having stuff..the house was full closets full but gotta have more stuff I thought it was by rascal flats but I cant find it any where...please help me find this song

6 Feb 2018

song title

The recurring lyric line throughout the bluesy tune's, "stuck in georgia, think i've missed my train".

Anyone out there got an idea of the song's title?

++ ++ +Jim in

21 Dec 2017

I Barely remember this song

All I can remember about this song is one word. It's "Goodbye", but it's longand drawn out. It's sung by a guy and the note starts lower but gets higher as the word goodbye is being said. The song has a sad tone and has piano. Other than that, I know nothing. Please help.

7 Nov 2017

getting a girl knowing she wants it

15 Oct 2017

Blind girl asking her daddy what colour the sun is

8 Oct 2017

Looking for song

Only lyrics i can remember are "give me your lips". Song came out late 80's Ithink. Dance type pop song, along the lines of a song like "Living on video".

31 Aug 2017

Im looking for a dance mix song

Hi, im looking for a song from back to 2003-2006 (probably). Its main motive was taken from another dance/techno song (or some classic more likely) - azzurro. There were some lirics reminding me something like -"i want you in mygloom/dream" - and the song itself was more ...infantile(?), but still a good dance/techno/electro track. No italian singing, just english girl singing.+

28 Aug 2017


what doowop song starts with the lyric gee but I like your smile

Try typing "gee but I like your smile" into Google.

10 Jul 2017

Looking for a song from the 1940's where they are singing +there she goesthere she goes all dressed up in her Sunday clothes.+

15 Apr 2017

Looking for song

Looking for the name of a song that has a young guy singing about hisgirlfriend who keeps talking. +You can hear a young woman talking in the background. +It is somewhat humorous. It was probably between 1990 and 2010. +It is probably an Alternative song.

24 Feb 2017

Cannot Find Song

Hi:) I am looking for a song and I have not been able to find it based on thevery few words I can remember. It is from the 90's (I think) and it is a techno/rap(ish) song. The only line I remember is Girls...beat (da dat dat da dat) Girls...

15 Feb 2017

Losing someone+

A video of een boys group singing about losing someone in de video you seepeople with spanish mask i think lost of gold sunlight

1 Jan 2017

Golden hair

Song from the 70s or 80s sung by a woman with the words golden hair somewherein the song. Not the title.

9 Nov 2016

Singer walking through fire

I am looking for a song that was on the top 20 countdown detween 2003 and 2008. in the song video the band is playing out side and the singer walks through fire as he is still sing. I recorded this song at one point buy can no longer find it. PLEASE help. Thank You

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2 Nov 2016

Girl with red dress on

31 Oct 2016

guy claims to be a ghost at a party to pick up girls

It is fairly modern about a hip black guy claiming to be a ghost and trying topick up girls at a party.

31 Oct 2016

guy claims to be a ghost at a party to pick up girls

10 Aug 2016


1 Dec 2015


I know it's by a man who has a soft voice and the song is soft, it kind ofsounds similar to the start of on my mind (before "i dont understand" the alex aiono version

18 May 2015


please send list of theme and title song Gloria +

20 Aug 2014

get it get it get it

An r & b recording's song Was made between 1972 and 1975+

16 Jul 2014

looking for a na e or artist

babe whats your name can we talk about it in the rain

26 May 2014


id rather be in a cold dark grave and know that im saved

26 May 2014

looking for a song with partial lyrics

I'm looking for a song around 60s or 70s, I dont know who sang it or the title. +lyrics something like.... Stop treating me like a broken toy no no no, I may be broken but I aint no toy no no no and when you fall in the arms of another woe woe woe, +you've got the nerve to say, you've got the nerve to say that I am the guilty guilty guilty guilt one.