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7 Nov 2022

music video

It's a group of dudes,the main singer is a curly haired male with a high voicewhen it gets the trumpet part solo I should say he makes the noise with his mouth, the background of the video is purple.+

7 Aug 2021

Wedding scene in tv movie

Song sung during the wind blows over the breeze, so are you tome

21 Jul 2021

Rap 1980s

This song was a reply rap song to his girlfriend's where the lyrics said .You got that watch from the African brother on the corner

23 Jan 2021


Looking for a dance song, probably a remix, I used to listen to it in bar/clubearly to mid 2000's. Male vocalist, and all I can remember is part it said something along the lines of "everything will be alright".+

26 Nov 2020

African explorer

The elephants in the jungle

12 Jan 2020

american football

+where prisoner playing in "american football" rain

1 Sep 2019

1984 high school graduate memory

These hits came probably in 1984 in the spring, or possibly 1985 ,superpopular in high school, in Europa, a guy and a girl singing along, pretty soft voices, but the song pretty uptempo with fast synth drum beat, which is heard especially in the intro. an upbeat song. The song goes around, and comes soft back to the beginning. I want to remember the title or band name had something to do with aircraft,plane / airport.

25 Aug 2019


A leopard cannot change it’s spots a negro change his skin

8 Aug 2019


Who is the artist that sing searching for the land of milk and honey in themovie ATONE?

2 Aug 2019

as for me and my house

as i awoke and i was trembling, but i was thanking the lord, for if they ever, really come to get us, they'll see these words, i've hung on my door,

as for me and my house, we will serve the lord, we will remember, in the days of trouble, we will believe in the lord,

21 Jul 2019


the song i want to see and hold someone who has gone to heaven one last is an old song

23 Jun 2019

+a +religious +song called “along with God “

1 Jun 2019

60s instrumental

upbeat saxophone only one word "alright"

3 Apr 2019

I'm looking for )1940s song with line whenever there's a storm hI don t here the. Thunder, I only each raindrop repeating your name. +WAnd when the long day is thru, I long for you only you, and I close my eyes and There you are

2 Mar 2019

Almost there

About a man who is found almost dying , dreaming of jumping in a creek andhoney bees

15 Apr 2018

gospel song Angel wings

beautiful song just looking for lyrics

6 Mar 2018


trying to locate the song by a female R & B singer (1980's-1990's) that had achorus along the lines of ...."I want to send it away"......I want to dream it away

2 Mar 2018

trying to find the the name of a song that starts out able and baker were twofine friends, ands ends saying able died on the operating table

9 Feb 2018

+Black singer who singsAin't it funny how time slips away

Ain't it funny how time slips away

29 Jan 2018

its louisa intro song on britains got talent. It only played the instrumental of the song. i am not looking for the song she sang im looking for the intro song leading up to the one she sang starts at 10:17 if this helps

8 Jan 2018

africa i can see you crying crying for hope

22 Dec 2017

But with you you you I can see wa a mean closer to reality my heart pours outto you for ever

10 Dec 2017

two people in love very upbeat

lyrics how did I know you're the one it came so easily how did you know

8 Dec 2017

Love song

After all is said and done, to think that I'm the only one, I can't believethat you're in love with me

9 Jul 2017


soldier sings at night before going to war and asks God to send him just oneangel

1 Apr 2017


a guy is being made fun of then they find out his wife and child were killed

6 Mar 2017

Ana Aref أنا أعرف

Great song it was Arabicand the singer was a nice lady wearing sunglasses riding a bike

7 Feb 2017


Looking for a song that a not-so-known country star remade. +In the video theguy is in the other room talking on the phone before his wedding (I think)to an old flame.

1 Feb 2017

Its a really famous song but i cant remember the name

eeee you ... is all i can remember from the song words

20 Jan 2017

del amore

25 Dec 2016

Ah, ah, ah, ah

24 Dec 2016


Older song , lady artist and in chorus it says windows

8 Oct 2016


17 Sep 2016

theme song for a movie

The movie is about a single mother who works with animals and a veteran justout of the military. The song is at the end of the movie with the veteran, mother and her son who is steering the boat on the river

26 May 2016

all my life i've been searching for+

28 Jan 2016


Ah ah ah ah ah ah aahh

16 Oct 2015


Titles of songs using the name Angie

26 Jun 2015

1960 song with the word always

1960 song with the word always

2 May 2015

trying to find song

there is a song i think its from the eighties with a white man singing to a mixed woman telling her shes his not sure if the artist had numbers in the name or not

21 Apr 2015

andrews sisters

10 Mar 2015

hit pop song

I'm looking for a song which video had like an american history in it, like drawn, maybe i am wrong but i think it criticized america or smth like that, its maximum 4 years old. Also if i'm not mistaken we could see George Washington in it, drawn too.

8 Mar 2015

Gonna Get Me An Aeroplane...

Trying to find the song with the lyric:

'Gonna get me an aeroplane And get out of here'

Was at a concert the other night and the local band broke into this song in the middle of one of their hits.

Desperate. +Help!

28 Feb 2015

what is this song?

all over your body, I am what I am, you are what you are, all over your body. female artist, 1980, early 90s

31 Oct 2014

all i do is think of hr rock ballad +

this one has a very beatiful melody. and it was a cover from playboys magazine video music. the name of the girl that shows up in the video clip was cara or tara i am not sure. it was a+ playmates runner up pictorial from the nineties.this is a very good ballad indeed.

29 Sep 2014

dutch band

80s song with "automobile" in the lyrics

15 Sep 2014

music video

Looking for a popular song from the 90s/early 2000s. Its video has a man break dancing on a road side for the rest of his life because his lover is gone

9 Sep 2014

the songs lyrics is like i dont know oo ow ,, where u going

the official video has the singer"s hair orange in colro

27 Aug 2014

I think I never Gonna find it+

I'm looking for a song from the 90s dance ... I thing is African and is a lot of ladies using a African typical costume singing in African perhaps since when I used to listen to this song I didn't know English so I can't tell exactly what they were sayng ... I just remember the rythem ... Oooo mambo fugu men +ooo manbo fungu men.. Lol sorry for poor description !!!

22 Aug 2014

Angel of the morning

Looking for the r&b female artist from the late 70's that sang this song please help..

Merrilee Rush was 1968 so we suspect you mean Mary Mason

10 Aug 2014

70s music

The song iam looking for is my heart beats like a drum yound asian girl greatsinger think was on duke box dury or the other show that was on + the 70s show il give it five

3 Aug 2014

always in my head

17 Jul 2014

I'm looling for a song in the 1990 about two ladies so fair and something about the sea

8 Jul 2014


30 Jun 2014

I just know a little thing of this song that i want to find ! Plz help me

All is well and all is good+

7 Jun 2014

looking for a song

looking for this song that has these words in it ( eyes closed and dreams come free gotta angel next to me,where do we go from here +take me far away so we can stop the time , it will be tonight when I turn up the stars for you ) or something like that ...

6 May 2014


Hey am looking for this song that played in the African movie chasing hope it goes. Something like that am living my life again am going no way from a broken. Heart a heart so full of pain I hear you call my name u said it okay

11 Apr 2014

Can't find this song

Hi, I'm looking for a pop song, and I only know the refrain, it's something like this: jodelajodelajodelajodelajodela USA....In America !+

12 Dec 2013

this rapper was from 2008, his name was sam and i believe he's asian american.the lyrics start off, "my name is Sam and my drug of choice would be marijuana" PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!!!

19 Sep 2013

can't find these songs

All I need is Jesus- Take me through this valley ++ ++ ++ +So Faithful I'm trusting You Lord ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +I owe it all to Jesus His voice makes the difference ++ ++ +Lord I just want to thank you Let me thank you again

23 Apr 2013

Amor amor eres mi fruta favorita

20 Apr 2013

angie voue angie

Send me details of song angie vou angie

30 Mar 2013


I am looking for all the lyrics to a Song that starts,Anywhere, as long as youare there. +Anywhere, just start the chase. Thanks.

We have no lyrics here, just charts

28 Jan 2013

song " Again "

I'm looking for the singer's name that song. It's the same one sung by Nat King Cole in the year 1959 or 1960, but more quickly. I have sended to you an email last week, without reply. Thanks.


2 Dec 2012

Male artist singing angel song

Looking for male artist singing a song about an angel

17 Sep 2012

Need artist performing this song, she sounds like Sade


17 Jan 2011

+Always en français.

Je cherche la traduction francaise de la chanson Always interprete par Patcy Cline. Je sais que cela commence par

Je saurai t'aimer toujours Comme on doit s'aimer toujours.

Nous n'avons pas de paroles sur ce site