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21 May 2021

a 1990s female pop artist with a beach in the video and people blowingwindmills

22 Jun 2019

She Turned 21 today

Does anyone remember a song from the 1970's about that magical age. + Lyrcswent You turned 21 today, You can tear up that fake ID, Your finally legal, you can get frisky now. +

19 Mar 2019

grade school song about china pattern story

It started with an Asian sounding tune and the lyrics, "Long, long ago, liveda maid named Su Lu . . .

13 Sep 2018

70’s- 80’s song

Little girl hiding behind sofa, trying to block-out mom &dads fighting, then quiet, Then sirens, Then she is taken to safety.

5 Jun 2018

Trying to act younger again+

Song about a man wanting to be younger again +or trying to act and dress to bein his 20s or 30s again+

28 May 2018

early 1940's song

During WWII my Mom always sang it as I was growing up. I thought it was PlainGolden Band. words " There's a ring on your hand just a plain golden band, will you keep it as a token of our love. As the years come and go and our hair is white as snow---

3 Jan 2018

I'm looking for a Calypso/Soca song,circa 50's-80's, that has thesechorus-like lines--"But, if you to-o-o easy, 'no bother come home here again. An' if you to-o-o easy, I will tear out your ramjam; what a ya-ma-ya!

6 Aug 2017

74 on the book

13 Apr 2017

a song by a girl with red hair and a rapper

14 Jan 2017

2008 song

I am looking for a 2008 song about an artist tossing his money in the air and letting it come back down,, I cant remember all the words but I remember hearing it in 2008

14 Jan 2017

I am looking for a song that says " I throw it up and it comes back down" he is talking about his money

24 Dec 2016

I am looking for a country song with lines "1000 bars, brick wall, sentence of99 years, if you be good be out in 98

28 Jul 2016

Romantic Song in the 60's+

The song lyric with these words, Dearest I love You know that I need you All through the night and day I dream the dreams of you Why did you leave me ...... I forgot the rest of the lyric and the title and singer of this song+

15 Oct 2014



1 Oct 2014

98 degrees?+

Can't find this song. It's not 98degrees the band. But a lady sings it. Kinda slow beat . Chorus sings about 98degrees?+

1 Aug 2014

bengali song

something like ...royechho tumi aami achhi je

Unlikely to have been in the worldwide best selling songs

15 Jan 2013

1976 song

am lookimg for this song that was played heavily on the radio in Nigeria I think between +1975 - 1977.It goes like this - jesus,he is my savior jesus............halleluya..halleluya.....

11 Feb 2011


I am looking for a song I heard on a country station about a man who took outa newspaper add telling his wife how much he cared for her on their anniversary. Can you help. I know it's not much to go on.