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29 Sep 2023

Wishing well

I'm looking for a rock/pop music video from the 80s or 90s. Its protagonist(performer?) is a handsome white man. Its text (chorus?) includes: "wishing well". In the clip, an amber tendril is wrapped around a beautiful woman and a priest is also featured in it.

20 Aug 2023

2017? Rap song with an indian sounding beat or tune.+

I heard a song around 2017 on the radio that was a rap/hip hop song that hadan indian sounding beat to it. It had the word "what" in the title I THINK. I think it was also on the same radio station I came across the song "Say I" by cortes so I'm guessing it was also a Christian song?+

19 Jul 2023

I used to hear this song on the radio early 50s but must be older

a male voice, all I remember is the line:

"We'll go a poppin by the sea"

any help would by much appreciated, many thx Steve Haywood

10 Apr 2023

wooden mannequin

a music video that had a painted wooden mannequin in it. Sort of looked likestop motion from what I remember.

18 Mar 2023

Who dat downstairs+

I heard a Black male singer recording from the 1920’s or 30’s singing thewords “who dat downstairs saying who dat calling who dat downstairs”

8 Apr 2021

with in, with in....

i AM SORRY! that's all I have, I have the song in my head....But cant find thetitle. I think is early 80's, 83? 84? the group might be rasta that's all I can remenber, and the chorus of this song has been used in another song sort of a remix ++

14 Aug 2020

A jamaican love song

It has without you in the chorus and in the video it's like night time it's+by a light skinned lady +and she was in a hit song imma need a security+

29 Apr 2020

song in the 70s

why can you not sign the papers because you cut my fingers off+

19 Apr 2020

Want to find my favorite song

A video song which theme was on some kind of other planet and the environmentwas blueish , while petals were falling from sky and wind blowing, multiple artists boys and girls, in fully black dresses, the boys have long hairs and beard, violin and flute music +was awsome,,,, looks likes pirets, and as far i can remember few words were , end of the world... all I know.. please i need to know the song

16 Mar 2020

Walking down the street ... My daughter my son

3 Mar 2020

Reggae song

I am looking for a reggae from the 1980 sounded like this: hou hou hou... wha ba man why you do this+

14 Oct 2019

barry white musiv

We better get ourselves together baby

8 Aug 2019

walking along together..... 1940's?

some lyrics walking along the highway whistling as the skies are clear, without a bugle without a drum ..... Please someone know the words or name of song. Thanks, Arlene

27 Jul 2019

WHO, +stole my heart away, WHO makes me dream all day, no one but you.

23 Jul 2019

Where were you when I needed you+

There's a song I use to always hear on an overhead speaker at a Whataburger in Denver Colorado. Its since closed down so I can not revisit the restaurant to hear the song again. I found the one from the grass roots and several others but the one im looking for almost sounds like the beach boys.

the lyrics I hear in my head go as follows....

"where were you when I needed ya where you." Please help me find that song I'mthinking of+

Just use Google, try The Grass Roots - "Where were you when I needed you?" (1966)

17 Jul 2019

when I wake up in the morning and I see your face, I praise the lord and thankhim for amazing grace

3 Jun 2019

About a little girl

When I was a little girl of 6 or 8 A nice little girl I beg to state I'd sweet little curls and a dress of white AndI had a healthy appetite. This one, that one..........

Some wors may not be correct, just as I remember the song.....

27 Apr 2019

Song about 1974 with lyrics in it,we played the game together someone shouldhave told me all the rules. Female artist

26 Apr 2019

pop 1050s song 'wee willy why willy why willy why don't you care for her'

3 Apr 2019

african song

starts with a man yelling something like "wujijiko" or similar to that.

18 Mar 2019

Song title+

Ok so there's a song that goes woah oh oh oh (not very helpful) but it soundslike if it came from the Jackson 5 but I know it doesn't so please help me out.

8 Oct 2018

Frank Petty Trio

When she was five and he was ten.

28 Aug 2018

Wedding Night

American Male, Elderly, singing about his Bride as she get's ready for bed,she takes off, not only her clothes, other items include her False Leg and he wonders about the Lovely Lady he has Married, John McBriarty

3 Aug 2018

"what do you say to a lady"

maybe the chorus or riff of the song

14 Apr 2018

where do we go from here the top of +.... ...... I fear

8 Mar 2018

the wedding bells were ringing in the little town below

2 Mar 2018

Nina and Frederik song

Lyrics include "we'll go walking high up on a hillside,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'llbuild you a house 40 feet tall.........!

10 Feb 2018

, Connie Boswell singing "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" Little+

8 Dec 2017

I know you know that we are falling in love. I dont have a claim on you but Ihave a name for you Lovely

7 Dec 2017


8 Nov 2017

?? song called walking in my sleep?

Birthday party for a 90 year old. He sings, " I went to see that girl of mine, she met me at the door. Shoes and stockings in her hands and feet all over the floor. When you see that girl of mine won't you tell her please, when she starts to bake her bread to turn her head to sneeze. Walking in my sleep, I was walking in my sleep." Do you know of these lyrics? nothing comes up. Thisman is a war hero and we would like to find the rest of the song. Would appreciate your help. Thank you, Layne Sutton+

6 Sep 2017

lyrics start with, woman,...

John Lennon? Peter & Gordon? Neneh Cherry? Wolfmother?

In fact if you typed "Woman" into the search box on this page you would have 15 hits called "Woman"

9 Jul 2017

Looking for a 80's or 90's hip hop song with the course being sung on a rooftop talking about places in the world+

7 Mar 2017

water was made to bathe in thats what i think

5 Mar 2017

60's song ?

Opening line Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...really cool early Motown ?

24 Feb 2017

will ypu marry me

21 Dec 2016

Oh window shopping, come along and shop along with me

29 Sep 2016

oysters at nam kees movie

who sings "was it love" song on closing credits of the movie?

26 Sep 2016

I am looking for a song sung by a male who has a deep voice, he kind of soundslike everlast. He has a bierd. It's kind of a slow mellowed song+

11 Sep 2016

i'm looking for a trance song from the 90's+

Im looking for a trance song i heard it when i was young ... and i heard ityesterday but i don't know the name .. its says in the first like couple of people screamin woh woh woh oh woh and some claping i think and some voice says stop ! And the beat drops !! Pleaase i'm lookin fooor ittt !!

4 Sep 2016

whatcha loiking for

3 Sep 2016

With you

25 Aug 2016

Trying to find a song+

The song was out in the late 70,s & the only words I remember iare, ( workingeveryday, just to pay your way)+

19 Aug 2016

Past love

19 Jul 2016

We have to give it up

30 Jun 2016

What did you think I would do sit all alone by the telephone

18 Jun 2016


all I can remember is this little piece

Who Repa who repa aha who repa ah num num

31 May 2016


I live my life in the window

22 May 2016

song that has the lyrics would I die for you baby would I cry for you baby

26 Apr 2016

Can't find this song+

"Who can I turn to". Fast Version. +Black Male Artist. R&B sound Maybe 70's. Not Sammy Davis Jr, Temptations or Main Ingredient. Please Help!

Use the index or search box on this site

17 Apr 2016

Popular song I hear a lot+

"In my sleep, I'm walking on for you"

or something like that. :(I get NOTHING AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT A SINGLE CORRECT LYRIC! I'm so stuckwith this in my head with only lyrics I know (and is zero percent useful) is "nah nah"

25 Mar 2016

+Won't you come over and play with me won't you come over. We can slide downthe cellar door+

19 Mar 2016


'Someone in this generation is gonna make a noise that's gonna shake the nation". A verse out of the song " WarDrum"..

16 Jan 2016

I will always be your familiar ground. I will never watch you fall. Ditch yourcalls . Why would I now.

7 Dec 2015

hip hop-new song

lyrics are: we're a really big team, we need really big things, we need reallybig rings, don't come with no strings

26 Nov 2015

looking for song title with the words does she know of the woa she started cos since we parted

16 Nov 2015

Why is it that I am lonely

13 Sep 2015

Waiting for you

It's waiting so hold on

28 May 2015


Partials lyrics: In a building I passed by in window number five, there's alittle girl looking out at me. Her mom was never married, so the baby that she carried doesn't have a last name, you see. And I only blame myself for going up the stairs, for you see I already have a wife and a little girl at home just like the one alone looking out from window number. In window number five there's a picture of an angel - she doesn't seen to know that her life is just a.......???+

22 May 2015

help me find this song

a song out in may 2015 its a r&b song. the lyrics go woah oh oh the girl isworth it, she works it, she deserves it , and after each word he repeats it, i love this song. it goes- she is worth it ) or the girl is worth it,+

4 Apr 2015

we shall see Jesus

31 Mar 2015

Walking in the sky

30 Mar 2015

Whales singing to music

17 Dec 2014

Who's that looking in the window, with a twinkle in his eye

I cannot find this song on the web... it was a 1940's song.... Who's that looking in the window, with a twinkle in his eye, Why its old man sunshine, old man sunshine, Come down from the sky.

15 Dec 2014


worry is by thinking double right well you know

1 Nov 2014

When I get home

24 Oct 2014

Song lryrics With A Song in my heart

This i a very old song. +It was sung in a movie Susan Hayward was in and she sang it in the movie. +Thank you

3 Sep 2014

Where are you now+

25 Aug 2014

Why you gotta be so crule

8 Jul 2014

Where will you be right now

Whoa whoa whoa where will you be right now Traveling guitar riff

22 May 2014

the wayward wind

the wayward wind