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10 Sep 2023

group from Germany+

A recent one hit wonder from a band that does alternative in Germany and thesinger has dark

8 Nov 2021

Song by pussycat dolls, at the end they kept singing, "u got a long way togo"+

22 Mar 2021

2000s alternative song about woman shooting abusive husband

This song is a band with a male singer. The band name may start with a C. Ibelieve the lyrics or title include the word moon. There is falsetto singing in the chorus.+

21 Mar 2021

2000s alternative song about woman shooting abusive husband

This song is a band with a male singer. The band name may start with a C. Ibelieve the lyrics or title include the word moon. There is falsetto singing in the chorus.+

21 Nov 2020

Mama something title

There is a song out by 3 black women (I think from Britain) that the word Mama is in the title and it starts with yes, we fight and that is life -- I would crawl through fire for you and you would for me.

Help me! haha +I wrote it down and now I can't recall it --+

8 May 2020


song on radio years ago about child buying flowers and didn't have money andcustomer in shop paid for his mom's flowers

15 Mar 2020


Hello, I heard this song on the radio in St Paul Minnesota. It was recorded during a "Rock the Garden" concert at our Walker Art Museum here in Minnesota. I was grooming a cute little dog at the time I heard it. And somehow, the screaming of the lyrics about the bite of a mosquito matched the itch on my ass. I have tried researching to find the song that the woman sung at said concert. If you could help my itch...I would save a hell of a lot of money on Calamine Lotion. My request is true. I dare you to find the song and would be very grateful for your time spent on searching a cure for my particular itch. "MOSQUITO", she screamed as she sung about our state bird.

Thank you Roxanne...

and please..don't scream that song about me.

13 Mar 2020

Music video early 00s late 90s

I only know that the video clip was animated and had birds (crows idk forsure) they were having drinks and dancing. In the end one of the birds is driving in a cabrio with two lady birds in dresses somewhere. Also something with bye bye mamma i think.+

15 Jan 2020

My father was a drunker and gambler

24 Oct 2019

1970 song male singer+

She's a Plain and simple flower

18 Oct 2019

Old song I remember from the '40's

Some of the words from this old song are, "Mama's little baby loves shortnin, shortnin, Mama's little baby loves shortnin' bread. +Repeat, then 'put on da skillet, put on the"

18 Oct 2019


I always knew the art of making love-- +think it was in the song - Tell me you love me for a million years - but I can't find it

18 Sep 2019

Folk song

I remember the start of a song from early 1970s, i sat at the top of a mountain and thought how little i am in it all

Anyone know more about it

17 Sep 2019

mighty God gospel song

some of the words: Oh yes he's a mighty God..mountains moving..when I need afriend Jesus steps right in he'll never fall short of his word

15 Sep 2019

Money got to get my hands on some+

Money oh Money Got to get my hands on some who sing that 80s hit?

23 Jul 2019

I heard a song a DJ was playing at a party up beat I thought it said somethinglike Nellie Bee or Nellie B it was a male singing the song

Most likely Mel B but she's female

24 Jun 2019

mystery man+

mystery man in your fedora don't you know I just adore ya

2 Jun 2019

i herd a song and the lyrics were like (make me love strong make me love highmake a love song) or something its a dj track i think and its a guy singing

28 May 2019

she is always on my mind,somebody better go and tell her she will never find a better lover

7 May 2019

am looking for a song that sang surely to my melody+

30 Mar 2019

Brother against Brother

One brother is the sheriff and the other brother is an outlaw. Showdown in thestreet and one had to die. It sounded like Marty Robbins singing.

14 Mar 2019

Mama Mama Mama Yo Papa Papa Papa Send down the rain

12 Jun 2018

Mother Son Wedding Dance

I am looking for a song called A Mother and Her Son. I think It is from analbum called Songs of Celebration and Love for Weddings & Other Happy Celebrations.

12 Apr 2018


A woman is attending a wedding of the man she loves but he is marrying someoneelse and she watches him wait at the end of the aisle for his bride to be. It was sung on The Voice last night 4-3-2018 by a woman contestant

21 Mar 2018


sad song i heard in 1980 from a child about his mother their is words like maman

5 Mar 2018

I need the name of the song and the artist+

hey I'm looking for a song +,the chorus goes like this +I'm missing you youyou my boo boo boo baby baby I'm missing my girl I'm missing+

14 Feb 2018

Looking for a song that begins with the lyrics missing youuuu Missing youuuu..Made By A Black Group In The Early 70’s

16 Jan 2018

Looking for the artist or song title

A young woman dressed in heels and fancy clothes goes back to her country homethen she wears boots and country clothing and sits on a porch in Missouri, I think.

4 Dec 2017


make it through the night

30 Aug 2017

Money female +r and b or rapper circa 1990 or early 2000

25 May 2017

climb highest mountain for you swim the ocean for you

8 Nov 2016

Mother dear let me put my arms around you Now goodbye till my lesson time isdone when I come, I shall see you at the window.wave your hand to your loving little one.+

4 Nov 2016

my baby don't love me

20 Oct 2016

Mansion party

There's like 4 guys at a mansion party

18 Oct 2016

1954 song marie+

who sang it

21 Sep 2016

looking for who sings a song title marry me+

19 Sep 2016

looking for a song


12 Sep 2016

Am looking for the song in the 1960's which has a lyrics that goesthisway:...Mother dear let me put my arms around you,when i come I shall see you at the window..something like that

8 Sep 2016


hes singing in the other room while shes getting ready

27 Aug 2016


Nigerian female artist. song about a girl brought to live with her uncle buthe slept with her and she got pregnant she planned to tell on him. it has a 70s pop beat+

25 Aug 2016

playing music

he says he is playing his music for the band as she waits

17 Aug 2016


6 Aug 2016


it starts like +went to mamas today her old afgan was where she left it thentalks about she cant remember and she wrote jesus a letter she was ready to go home at the end ofthe song its a gospel song +

4 Jul 2016

My love for you is like a star shinning so bright and very far. Do wop hitsong in the +late 50, s early 60, s.

1 Jul 2016

trying to find a song can only remember one verse

i'm moving higher climbing mountains.i'm even drinking from the living fontain,though satan tempt me i'm not discouraged i'm movinging higher to the city of gold i'm moving higher this is my gold

27 Jun 2016

can not remember who sang May I May I

13 Jun 2016


I'm searching for a song from the late 70s or 80s. +It features someonesinging about a mountain they want to travel to. +The singer could be male or female. +It's quite an up tempo song.+

30 May 2016

we lost hug you mom

12 Mar 2016

+Gospel Song+

My soul sings long this prayer for you, although I cry my tears wont do, to heal your pain and soothe your brow, turn not away, my soul sings now

Something along those lines... thanks

2 Mar 2016

Im trying to find a song from the early 70's

Tiiiime is unforgettable, magical

21 Feb 2016

George Strait?

I've come to wits end-I think this is a George Strait song but damned if I can find it! Lyrics: You're a memory....what were you doin in my dreams last're a memory, you're a're memory won't let this fool forget.... Please help!!! this is driving me crazy!!!!

21 Feb 2016

George Strait?

I've come to wits end-I think this is a George Strait song but damned if I can find it!

19 Aug 2015

My heart goes peterpaterpeterpaterforyou

10 Aug 2015

later 1970s

lyrics, my name is michael i have a nickel shiny and new i want to buy me allkind of candy that what iam going to do, help what is this song and who sing it thank you if you can help+

2 Aug 2015

old song

I'm looking for a song popular in the 50's and 60's with the lyrics...mygirlfriends mother doesn't like me at all, so we meet in secret, where the shadows fall....(rondezvous)

4 Apr 2015

I'm looking for a song sang by a guy with a jamaican accent..I don't know the exact words of the song but I heard something like"I've been thinking bout touring after midnight driving,you the one I'm touring,after midnight driving

30 Mar 2015

old skool song late 70's +or 80's unsure if it became a number one hit

The song is sung by a guy about a girl on a motorcyce with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind+

14 Feb 2015

mollie darling

some of the words: +wont you tell me mollie darling; +put your little hand in mine; + song was from late 40s, early 50s, probably country western, ++ how can i get the real name and the words? +thank you, this is so great, +i "hear" parts of this song forever. +need to know. +

29 Jan 2015

New song

hey guys am looking for this reggae song i am so falling inlove with that songthe chorus goes like this "even though you broke my heart, though i lay here in the dark" a girl sang it but i don't even know who am trying to look for it... please someone let me know if you have that song i just need to know who sang it and the tittle thats all...+

6 Dec 2014

old song

I'm looking for a old song from the 60s I think and the only words I can remember is,I'm mr. magnificent.I know its not much to go please help if you can.

1 Nov 2014

moved on

20 Oct 2014

Probably 90's reggae song

It is a reggae song, has a distinct baseline I used to hear it all the time when I was a kid in the 90's. The singer has a Jamaican accent and sings something akin to this "deep on the mountain, chantin', drinkin' from the fountain" not sure if those are the exact lyrics.+

11 Oct 2014

newish song - "i'm a ____man"

I heard this on an alternative station at 2am the other night. I think a black guy sings it - the title/main chorus refers to "I am a (something) man" - then describes what that kind of man is. The music in the background sounds like Portishead or Gorillaz.. a constant loop.. the song has an oldschool feel to it, but with modern looping. The lyrics are smart and kind of different.. anyone know what I'm talking about?

11 Oct 2014

80s song+

the hook is all i need is music,music don't let them take my music away cause all i need is music r and b song

10 Oct 2014

Unknown song

The lyrics contains the words "Mister,I really love your sister"The song sound like it came from the 70's glamrock era,it begins with saxophones

6 Oct 2014

rap or hip hop song

starts with an M, had 4 parts to it, was popular between 2004-2208

22 Sep 2014

Im looking for a song that have the words my life is like an open book

21 Sep 2014

Love song

its about a girl and a guy misses her he talks about dreaming of them married+

8 Sep 2014


i think that the song is "mamma"

25 Aug 2014

hello its me (cousin)

heard a song that sounds like Hello It's Me so much it could be its cousin. cant find anything with that in a search:/

22 Jul 2014


a little girl climbed upon her mothers knee and quietly asked with a sigh.whyis mary my name don't you think it's too plain and this was her mothers reply. there's a reason for calling you mary a reason that i will explain, proud queens of old wore the name mary with gold it's a grand old name.ilove the dear name of mary it has a meaning devine. even god blessed the name of mary and thats why your mary mine

23 Jun 2014

love song

Love song called midnight something sang by a man

15 May 2014

"My love is in league with the freeway.... Leading me on, leading me on down the road Driving beyond, Driving me down the road..."

Robert Plant "Big Log"

3 May 2014


There was an 80s country song that in the lyrics, said "I remember seeing you in the rearview mirror of my Malibu." I'm not sure of the artist. Can you help me find it?

1 May 2014

Blue magic song magic of your love

No one can find this song I know it exist

15 Dec 2013


Songs with marie in the title

Seach, use the index, or look in the CSV file

28 Sep 2013

C/W song titled "MATAMORRIES

I heard on "Willy's Roadhouse" a male singer doing a country/western song and it sounds like he's saying OLD MATAMORRIS". Don't know the correct spelling, but phonetically it sounds like the above The lyrics hint that it may be a town in Mexico ! It's a ballad and it sort of reminds you of Marty Robbins "EL PASO".

6 Apr 2013

Choral music

Music of life from sweet charity

7 Jan 2013

looking for the song mr. sam man

We don't have any hit by that name, there was an artist "Mr Sam" that had a hit in France in 2006 and The Ronettes had a minor hit called "Miss Joan & Mr Sam"

17 Sep 2012

m conyers

im looking for an old song not sure of the year it is called my gypsy dream girl

2 Jan 2011


how can i buy this song ( i can tell by the look in your eyes)

This site lists chart entries it does not contain any song data