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10 Jun 2023

Song about dining in paris

I’ve dined in Paris I’ve wined in Rome Now my feet are hurting And I’m linking to be home

A song from the early 50’s

5 Apr 2022

Love song about Dodo birds

theres this one song i remember that talks about going back in time togetherand stealing 2 dodo birds, thats all i remember :(

28 Sep 2021

country song about a rag doll

sung by a female artist.....she had button eyes and straw hair

28 Jun 2021

Dawn of Tomorrow song

My 96 year old mother (a pianist) got a request from her 100year old aunt for a song my great uncle would sing. All I could find was this reference in Google that makes me believe that there is such a song:

Resting Places: The Burial Sites of More Than 14,000 Famous ... › books Scott Wilson · 2016 · ‎Social Science Crypt 6824, Dawn of Tomorrow, Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA. ... the Night) in films from the mid–1930s, some dark and somber (Double Indemnity 1944, The ... was set after a documentary about the song's origins drew attention to her gravesite.

1 Nov 2020

its not tears it must be dust in their eyes

12 Sep 2020

song title

stop look and listen always take care whether you're rich or whether you'repoor we love our children their laughter so gay

10 Apr 2020

children song 1950 1940

dan dan the fireman put the fire out

8 Mar 2020

Video info only, need song

The music video features a clip with two guys walking in the desert, onehanding the other a record of sorts

5 Mar 2020

looking for a song stuck in my head

I have a sing in my head I can't remember. I think it was in the 80's. Lyricsgo something like: did you... mean to run forever, baby. did you......

28 Feb 2020

Early 2000’s Japanese Song?

Back in when I was young in 2008 or 2009, I heard this one song while I was watching a YouTube video (which has been long deleted nowadays). I kinda remember the song being electronic, and the singer’s voice sounding young and bubbly, like an anime girl or something.

I can remember a few snippets of what some of the lyrics I heard in the song. Which were:

“my dreams come true” “dream on tonight” “I know i'm not the only one”

Or at least, those are what I think I remember hearing from the song. But the part “my dreams come true” is definitely in the lyrics for sure, that I remember because that part was in the beginning of the song, perhaps in the second sentence of the lyrics.

This “dream” video was released somewhere in between Feb 12-15, 2008 (as two other videos had been uploaded before and after it, with the “dream” vid being uploaded in between.)

Here’s the video that was uploaded before the “dream”:

And here’s the other video that was uploaded after the “dream”:

If anyone knows the name of this song or where it is from, please send a replyto this message, I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.

1 Jan 2020

The Song is like lets go down down to the river

I bought it in the 80's I believe. All I can remember is on the CD cover was ayoung man in a sport coat blowing in the wind walking down to a Subdivision. It was an upbeat Praise Song with the Holy Ghost in it.

19 Oct 2019

do you remember long time ago

a male singer with a deep voice saying he is sorry now

6 Aug 2019

gospel country western

The song is about Gods glory, but there is reference to the devils train it.

5 Jul 2019

oldie song my baby left me left me all alone that was the death of an angle

29 Jun 2019

dead teenager

Looking for a song where they find a dead girl, face down in the rain.

10 Jun 2019

70,s song dyanamite comes in a very small pack Rhodesian artist

1 Jun 2019

old song "Dufus"

looking for a song called Dufus (sp?) it was probably before 1960 It was a peppy kind of song

30 May 2019


the song was a leter to his was funny he mentions that the "devil isa woman and she wears a red dress" a country boy goes to the big city for the first time .... I think in the early 70's

26 May 2019

Japanese Song

It's a Japanese song (I think from around the 80s?) Most of the lyrics are inJapanese but at one point it says in English "You can dance" it's sung by a female and the instrumental intro to the song plays a horn of some sort and the electric keyboard. It's also very upbeat if that helps

23 May 2019

A wedding song

Daniel won’t you take my hand, I’ll be your life long friend, I help youbecome a Godly man and love you to the end......

8 May 2019


hi guys, i'm looking for a particular song that i've heard in the club. it's asort of house electro chillou style, with a man singing and in few part if the sing he is speak the word "dance" in a deep voice. it is the same genre as edward maya songs, and in the period of 2006 or 2007 maybe. could you help please. sorry not much information....

7 May 2019


did you hear her voice its like silver, did you see her hair its like gold,did you see her move like ripples in the sea.

1 May 2019

Come now we’ll go serenading for the sun in the far west is fading and inCadiz gentle ladies

24 Apr 2019

I'm looking for a song from this video:

One day the dead will rise says we all will walk the earth zombies will terrorize for what your life is worth you get all fuckin' high some say your life's regrets there ain't no stoppin' us not even bullets to the head

20 Apr 2018


who sings "The Day that I lost You is the day I Found Myself

5 Feb 2018

da da da da da da da da da da oh baby why cant i love you

9 Dec 2017


A song about a darker haired lady.. Go and leave me if you wish to never letme cross your mind...

23 Nov 2017


piano vocal song by a blond chic that was mixed to dance and became popular

23 Sep 2017

daddy o

Jazz song, by black Lady. Circa 1940th'. + Lyrics; do you hear me daddy o.

29 May 2017

song covered by The Unthanks

from the perspective of woman being held underwater by her husband (presumably to kill her?)

9 May 2017

Music video clip has band on very small stage, no audience, singer is where,black hair, white t shirt, maybe leather pants, red jacket. Possibly girl in band too. Early 2000's. Alternative rock for radio, pop rock.+

30 Jul 2016

disco song

looking for disco song from mid to jate 70s with english female vocals andafrican chorus chanting and the female is repeating the word beebop after the chanting

25 Jul 2016


you should have done me somethig wrong baby the trees are growing everyday alittle place for two

2 Jul 2016

Music video has two tourist dudes, just having a good time in France. The band begins with the letter D.

28 Jun 2016

country song 90s

in the music video i saw on cmt in the late 90s.the artist is driving in hispick-up truck singing to his son who live with his mum far away,i think the song has the word daddy in it and is about his struggle with time and money,not wanting to be replaced by the stephdad?,but im not sure. any suggestiones will be appreciated

29 May 2016

I want to know if you can tell me which reggae artist sang dreamin dreamin hopibg baby you will be there

Where was it a hit?

14 Apr 2016

Just dance

27 Mar 2016


(Funny) Country song of a girlfriend who is really a devil

21 Mar 2016

Black group, You don't live here any more don't let the door hit you where thegood lord split you.

26 Feb 2016

Lyrics contain," Don't let love keep us apart." Sung by a black male. It is a beach music or r and b soul song

9 Dec 2015

"Looking for Daddy"

Sounds like Tom Petty with strong base beat

14 Nov 2014

Spanish song starts out with the sound of rain talks about dont ask me for what i cant do

8 Oct 2014

a male singer with a son that sings da da da

a male sings to his boy what i understand and the baby boy accompanies him by singing the words da da da when he has sung his verse like a refrain

23 Sep 2014

Female country artist singing the words DaDaDa

13 Sep 2014

80s song

There is a really upbeat so g from the 80s I thing . I don't know the title but it has Walk the Dead or Walking (with) the Dead i lyrics I the song. I've head it o the radio few times and I love the song.

23 Aug 2014

do your dance girl, work that body, she's poetry in motion

11 Aug 2014

Playing The most times at clubs

The Song Says oh Damn damn damn and after that starts the drop...

26 Jul 2014

nice and easy

song from 1970's sung by black male singer singing nice and easy oh how you doit baby you make feel like no one else, girl you make me feel it

22 Jul 2014


Song called daughters sung by a woman. Song is from the 90's starts mellow butthen she starts to scream the chorus. Please help!!

6 Jul 2014

song title / artist

disco song back from summer of 1978 or 1979 / the 45 single was yellow withthe writing in black / the actual album cover had different photos of disco dancing shoes / this single was a big disco dancing tune - falsetto male group - I think "dancing" may be in the title+

15 Jun 2014

african male talking about a woman in her summer dress

he sounds almost like gil scot heron and he is really smooth with a deep voice talking about how this lady looks in this dress I cant remember the color but the wind blows showing her curves

13 Apr 2014

i want it please !

+i just remember that there's like a black people saying dadadadadadadadadadada in the music , its more music than lyrics

20 Jan 2013

dreams come true

I am trying to find the name of the group I thought sang " Dreams come true" on a Cd around 2003 2004. Thank you+

17 Apr 2012


Im trying to find a theme song used by the Royal Australian Air Force around 1974/75 on television.It had words something like,I'm sitting up here among the sky,I wish that I could fly.It was used on tele around then not sure if it was for recruiting but Im just trying to find out the name of that song they used,If anyone can help me my email address is, I really appreciate it if anyone can help me