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23 Mar 2020

asian woman

was an 80's rock video that had an asian woman riding an electronic bull

22 Jan 2020

Everybody's got their weapons drawn Hold your breath Darling, you're in theWild West

19 Nov 2019

rock andd roll song - possibly eddie cochrane

Song where a cop taps on the window of a car where couple are +making out

11 Sep 2019


its a reggae song, male artist that has lyrics "everybody wants to be somebody "........"hold me darling i am ready darling"

24 Jul 2019

1950s rhythm & blues group

I think it’s Elizabeth, but lyrics say ” they talk about you in the newspaper They say you are a real heartBreaker

Maybe Coasters?+

12 Jun 2019

Beattles song

Looking for Beattles song that has lyrics "every time I see your face I'm reminded of the places we used to go..."

The song is "Photograph" by Ringo Starr. It is not a Beatles song, however George Harrison co-wrote it and a video of the song was shot at Tittenhurst Park (where John Lennon filmed "Imagine"), so I can see how you could get that impression.

10 Jun 2019

elevator or ride to his room

country music female singer about deciding to cheat, meat at the hotel andtake the ride up+

9 Jun 2019

ethel may...and they say her teeth are false just from guzzling..

30 May 2019

Trying to remember a song with nothing to go by.

It was by a solo male artist, i think bald, was just him on an acousticguitar, capo quite high, kinda that pick and slap vibe. singing about a woman. American. Quite a smaller artist. I heard it in a pub looked up the lyrics now the time has passed i cant even remember. might have been Elliott or something. maybe not.

5 May 2019

enter hisk gates by timothy wright


29 Mar 2019

Each time I stumble each time I fail you rescued me

26 Sep 2018

Wilson eyes of blue or possibly green

Looking for country song pertaining to a man looking for his child with keywords of Wilson and eyes

27 Mar 2018

song lyrics

I am looking for person who sang the song EASTER. here are the lyrics. E is for the early morn that Christ arose that day, And left us for a new life to begin.

A is for the angel who rolled the stone away. S means that he suffered for our sins T is for two thieves who hung beside him on the tree E is for his ever lasting love R is for the richesness he gave to you and me.

Easter came from our dear god above.+

8 Nov 2017

Jamaican Song from Montego Bay+

I am looking for a song when I was in Montego, Bay Jamaica. It is sung by amale artist and the chorus goes "Everything will be okay" and it repeats its self three times

7 Oct 2016

epotee layafette

1 Oct 2016

Pop song that has a few Spanish words in

28 Jul 2016

Everybodys looking for a better way to get away from the violence gunshotsilence

18 Dec 2015

east tennessee highway

27 Aug 2014

in love with a girl+

The only thing he'll leave on her ate his eyes