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18 Aug 2023

Rkelly songs

I’m looking for song where a young man gets shots four times and lives and gives his life to God Thanks+

11 Jun 2023

Breakups and raincoats

I'm looking for a country song from the late 70's-early 80's about a guy thatthrew his raincoat in the river to play dead and get away from his wife. +The last part had him with a new woman, saying if that didn't work out he could always buy another raincoat. +Thanks!

2 Jan 2023


I am looking for songs with Ruby in the title and if possible the words to the songs

The Index lists all the songs (and albums) with "Ruby" in the title that have been hits

5 Jul 2021

western love song around 1950-1952

the song I am searching for i know most of the words plus tune but when I listwhat i believe the title to be it has a newer song that is wrong.The words in the chorus are "with a ring in my pocket my heart on my sleeve no other gal will i trust or believe gonna throw away that wedding ring and no more broken heart foot loose and fancy free that's how I'm gonna be.It also mentions in the verses "If a lonesome cowboy on the trail comes riding into town don't pity me he fancy free with no one tying him down.then the chorus is repeated.+

31 May 2021

MTV dance floor chart 1998

Looking for the video at room at the top Bathgate it was 1998 may I think Ican’t find it anywhere+

4 May 2021


Song from the 50's, I think. +I remember, "Redhead... everybody loves Redhead. +Readhead, she's my best gal, she is my pal. +When we're walking down the street, she with her two little (baby? dainty?) feet, >___, syncopating, that's the gal I'll soon be dating. And when you look into her two eyes of blue, you know that someday ? (they'll always be true?). +Anyhow, slow paced,simple song. +

29 Apr 2020

Italian song

Italian song with the words capella Rosa

17 Apr 2020

Ramble with Martin and Mary O'Shea

Song about kitchen ceilidh and going home the next morning.

6 Apr 2020

Gospel song around 2004

Give me the reason to stay by your side.

31 Mar 2020

taking care of baby " here comes daddy with water and a rag

Country song from 60' , a woman sang the song, I think?

13 Jan 2020

Song with lyrics

Song with lyrics Including “ Russians in the sky“

22 Sep 2019

Round and round (by Ratt)

Heard cover by girl band or female singer with backup. +Who's the band?+

4 Aug 2019

Rabble rabble rabble

Rabble rabble rabble here comes Johnny Rebel Johnny Rebel lay it on me Cananyone help me with this? Which song is this please?

20 Jun 2019


This song was a good version to dance the quickstep

18 May 2019

Rainbow umbrella lucky fellow

Looking for lyrics and singer hang on to your umbrella cuz you’re a luckyfellow. You’ll alwYs have a rainbow +watching over you. It will be +alright. Corus

18 May 2019

Rainbow umbrella lucky fellow

Looking for lyrics and singer

14 May 2019

Ring Around My Bathtub

This is a motown-jazz-skatt song from the 1950's that I'm trying to find,can't remember who it's by. +It's a male artist, that's all I remember

9 May 2019

ribbons of light

this is a heartrending song which i heard today. it seems to be about someone in prison and all they can see through the prison bars are ribbons of light.don't know the name and cannot find on youtube.

15 Mar 2019

robe of jesus

this song was a beautiful verse by someone it was the story of Jesus but wasnot sang, more of a beautiful story of his life and his crusifiction.

24 Feb 2019

90s country western song

looking for the country song that had the words "red" and "moon" in the lyrics

2 Feb 2019

Rose on a piano+

I’m looking for an older song about leaving a rose on a piano when I die

4 Nov 2018

Regea boys by aki and pawpaw

Its a song they sang in a movie i need to get the mp3+

24 Jun 2018

Song with the words My Redeemer My Provider

I heard it on a CD from a friend but no title or artist some more lyrics are-Lonely beggar woman you stand right by her side hold her hand warm her heart wipe the tears she's cried troubled teen out on the street somethings gone array messed up on drugs and sin

15 May 2018

finding out a song with roses are red, violets are blue, glad to make frineds with you, a kids animated song with japaneses words after it.

10 May 2018

Help find this song

I listened to it on a small record when I was a child. Maybe 1950-1965 -- Allfemale black.. Talks about a person running away... maybe it was raining ... it was sad and dramatic and I loved it.. I wish I could hear it again. Thank you Marissa

21 Apr 2018


rain on the roof, i love to hear the sound of rain on the roof

6 Mar 2018


I remember a video that was about running. +The song starts of with trumpetsplaying and it early in the morning with the sun just starting to come up. +Im thinking it was in the 80's. ++

14 Dec 2017

guitar solo

late 50s or early 60s young Mexican with help from older white guy rocky rockor something like that

5 Dec 2017


5 Nov 2017

Real love is the chorus

Im trying to find a song that has the chorus "real love" and the second versestarts with lyrics "like homeless people laying under bridges" its R and B and it was played on radio in the early 2000's the lead is a male and backup singers are female,

15 Jul 2017

Rainy day in Paris

trying to find a song from1950's called a rainy day in Paris some lyrics are...A RAINY DAY IN PARIS...CHILDREN PLAYING IN THE RAIN..A VACANT CHAIR...THEN YOU WERE THERE..IN PARIS ON A RAINY DAY

26 May 2017

80's dance song

I heard this song at Starck club in Dallas Texas

Rattle them bones, like you wanna do Rattle them bones in a field of blue? +not sure about this Cold Sweat cold swat rattle them bones when the sky is red rattle them bones when your nearly dead rattle them bones like you wanna do cold sweat cold sweat

7 May 2017

Music video

I am trying to find out about a music video that was in the late 80s or early90s it was about a man who left his girl and it shows her working on this big rig then she is driving it down the road and he sees her and tries to race her and his engine blows up. Any ideas?

5 May 2017


In the 80's, a girl group that sang a song about "roots grow anywhere"

20 Apr 2017


reggae song singing about being happy with a man playing a guitar and dancingin the streets with children

25 Mar 2017



how I love the sound of rain it just keeps coming down ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +Ared head female 20s sang it on jay leno tonight show early 2000s

25 Mar 2017


rain how I love the sound of rain it just keeps coming down

13 Mar 2017

songs with roger in the title

needing songs with Roger in the title Any out there???

If you look in the Site Index you will see that there are no hit songs with the word "Roger" in the title

23 Nov 2016

Rnb song which uses A Tribe Called Quest sample "Find My Way"

Trying to find an Rnb song which uses the sample "Find My Way" by Tribe CalledQuest. It features a female lead with lyrics "Give a little love"

22 Oct 2016


10 Oct 2016

70's or 80's song lyrics

Run and hide this time,your in love again

4 Oct 2016

round round out of your mind

22 Sep 2016

the ring

the song was called the ring? +by william something

22 Sep 2016

raggea song

Am looking for a song that was sang like this..... run come come to be on myway no one knows tomorrow, I don't know who sing the song

12 Sep 2016

A 70's country song

Well I'm six foot tall and handsome and I'm burnin in my jeans, I got alot togive you baby and you know what i mean, remember me+

8 Sep 2016

a drink of that red headed woman down yonder

7 Sep 2016

need to find the rain won't stop falling

science you left the rain won't stop fallin+

8 Aug 2016

Trying to identify song & artist who sang a song with "rainbow" as title or inthe chorus. Possibly in 1960's - 70's

Look at the index or use the search box?

28 Jul 2016


I am looking for the song Remember...............Remember the night you held me tight........... It's from the 1920 's I think

3 Jul 2016

vidro song

A girl dancing in swimming pull with sky blue dress and also playing tennish

25 May 2016

music video on Youtube about regretting a break up

I watched a video last night about still being in love with the person youbroke up with. +It began with a female artists and then a male artists joined in. +Say seemed to be a key word and love was only used once

21 Feb 2016


Red heads every one loves redheads

27 Feb 2015


in 1973+- I heard a song at the Kingston Mines in Chicago about the Ravenswood el

9 Oct 2014

Song - Right Time

I am looking for the version of the song "Right Time" sung by a female artist. +Any assistance on how to identify the artist and song would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank-you, Sincerely

Harry Juul

3 Oct 2014

song from 80s

Think it was called Rescue Me. + Lyrics went something like "looking back those years ago there was nothing much that I didn't know.................rescue me I need a lovers hand right now to set me free" Cheers ! Dave

9 Sep 2014

says remember a lot

it's sung by a guy and a girl and it's probably from 2010-2012?+

6 Sep 2014

+a british band from 90's, had a song with "cold as the rain" in it... i think they were called something with the word october in it, or possibly another month...

30 Aug 2014


a song I heard back around 2002. maybe rock or alternative. I know it talked about rain never heard it since was sung by a guy

25 Aug 2014

Red neck rap

7 May 2014

rainbows and butterflies

this i can rememeber being song as a slow song by a female singer

"Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows" by Lesley Gore or "Roses & Rainbows" by Danny Hutton?

29 Mar 2014

Red shoes

Hey, I heard a song on the radio that sounded like an older african american woman singing it and it sounded kind of old like 1990's she was singing about getting her a pair of red shoes. I dont remember the lyrics entirely but it goes something like "when the bed gets cold and loving gets old go and get you a pair shoes" please tell me the name of this song so i can listen to it.

12 Sep 2011

song called.roll out the barrell

who sang roll out the barrell

"Roll out the Barrel" or "Beer Barrel Polka" is listed here as "Beer Barrel Polka (Roll out the Barrel)" and has been a hit for six different acts:

Will Glahe & his Orchestra (1939) - US Billboard 1 - 1939 (21 weeks), US BB 6 of 1939, POP 6 of 1939, Your Hit Parade 8 of 1939, Brazil 20 of 1939, Europe 24 of the 1930s (1939)

The Andrews Sisters (1939) - Australia 1 for 1 month - Apr 1940, US Billboard 4 - 1939 (7 weeks), RYM 28 of 1939, nuTsie 85 of 1930s

Eddie DeLange (1939) - US Billboard 13 - 1939 (4 weeks)

Joe Loss Orchestra (1940) - Australia 1 for 1 month - Apr 1940

Liberace (1954) - US CashBox 32 - Apr 1954 (7 weeks)

Bobby Vinton (1975) - US Billboard 33 - Mar 1975 (9 weeks)