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23 Nov 2022

song with cello

Im looking for a song from 2004 or 2005. It is a love song and the only lyrics I can recall is put me inside you. It might also say put your hand in mine. There is a beautiful part of the song where a cello is played. It was often called The Cello song but that was not the name.

13 Mar 2022

pick us a tune

There was a country song on one of my parents albums that I can't find. It hadthe lyrics "Well pick us a tune private Lee, put that guitar on your knee. Sing a song about the hills of home... till we go marching on."+

19 Jan 2022

Song by pink+

Hi I am trying to find the song pink saying about a stripper lady raising herchild can you help

23 Sep 2021


Im looking for a song i believe is by pitbull. The lyrics that i can rememberis something like "and Their thumbs,Blue yellow and green"

17 Jan 2021

Reggae Song

Hi I am looking for a song with the words dog nah business in a pussy fight itstarts with the words- a soul a soldier man was....+

14 Jun 2020

song from female country star about writing down reasons for leaving but keepsrunning out of pencils

8 May 2020

song using words"And underneath her window, he played his comb and paper

my stroke/coma victim brother, has remembered a song from his childhood, onlythe words +as in the subject above, We'd like to find more words , so as to jog his memory. can you help,please? +Kathi

14 Apr 2020

Subjects in song are talking to a man at a bar, about how his life is, a pictaken out of his wallet, about outdoor view from motel parking lot, and finishing the conversation, going to phone and calling wife at home, . . .+

14 Apr 2020

Last line of a song where, after talk with man at bar, getting up and callingwife

12 Apr 2020

forein song+

guy in white ball suit singing with kids and jumping around

22 Jul 2019

R&B song from late 80's/early 90's with a piano intro

It was a male artist and was a slow song

10 Jun 2019

Pick yourself up and dust yourself down battles arnt won lying down on thegrownd

30 May 2019

Pete Rock and CL smooth

Hey P theres a girl on the phone, tell her to hold cause am busy kickingrhymes to the rythm

17 May 2019

I'll pack my bag and I'll be gone"+

These are some lyrics of early 1970s song I think. Can some one help please?

17 May 2019


female singer singing about a car that her father gave her and some of the lyrics are like the police drive

31 Jan 2019


With cowboys and sailors climbing up and down stairs

13 Jun 2018

Song featured in Providence series 5 episode 2

16 Mar 2018

Lost album

Many years ago a friend of mine who has since passed away, gave me a musicalbum. I have been searching high and low to find it with no joy. My somewhat vague recollection is it may have been called 'passengers' (not by the band passenger. ) the sound was along the lines of Pink Floyds David Gilmour. If anyone has any ideas what it may be I would be interested in locating it, thanks in advance.

17 Dec 2017

song i know a place gosple song+

this song i know a place is a gosple in the 70'or 80'is a gosple song

"I Know a Place" by Bob Marley "I'll take you there" by Ladysmith Black Mambazo (or the Staples Singers)

17 Dec 2017

gosple song i know a place 1970-1980

13 Aug 2017

Lyrics include "like a paradise"

Japanese band that sang a song with words " like a paradise " . On radio inabout 2003-2004. Beautiful song not a rock song. Song just disappeared.

28 Apr 2017

Looking for a song with a music video with a guy playing piano outside in NYC

There's a guy playing piano and another guy playing guitar and they're outsideand it wasn't filmed amazingly but it's a good song. Not too popular but was in movies

7 Apr 2017

song from 90s about standing on the edge of forever

No, just all Take That songs sound like they are from the 1990s ("The Flood")

Either that it was one of the many songs called "Edge of Forever" by Richard Marx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Symphony X, Puscifer etc etc none of which were hits anywhere

Of course you could also have found those if you'd used Google

28 Feb 2017

I came to paradise

25 Dec 2016


19 Sep 2016

1930s lyric fragment

'We have something in common, it's a phenomenon' (possibly by Ira Gershwin

29 Aug 2016

Aussie pop song 1980's... Maybe1990's?

Remember Words like .... At a Party.... Trying to work out who sang it Was on Countdown so 1980's yeh?

19 Jul 2016

song from 1983

the song was a big summer hit by some one called Paris I think.

18 Jul 2016


house song called piano

13 Jan 2016

Paul Kelly

This fellow is arguably the best singer-songwriter to ever come out ofAustralia. He's won several recording industry awards in Australia, and is among the best-known performing artists in that country. He's been performing for about forty years now. Your site has NOTHING by Paul Kelly, not even his collaborative work.

We list the artists with most hits. Paul Kelly had a top 10 hit in Belgium and Holland and two US hits (both outside the top 40) that don't constitute enough success to make it to the top 1000 artists (or even to the top 8000 artists by our estimate)

Clearly not onl have we never heard of him but few people have.

We don't list the best, we list those with most chart hits

16 Nov 2015

70's reggae song

push it

11 Sep 2015


parappapa +do it on the dancing floor let's give it up some more

10 Sep 2015

Petition for the coming+

Foursquare church of Eureka, Ca brought this chorus: Come, Oh Lord and fill this place. How we long to see your face We need to know the weight of your glory Come, Oh Lord and fill this place

14 Apr 2015

Just the Rotherham day I saw a bald headed +girl

20 Dec 2014


Apart from John Mayall who else covered 'Pride and Faith'

This site lists only hits, no one ever had a hit with the song

11 Oct 2014

Looking for a song that was on the charts in 1990

A techno song in 1990 with a girl on the video clip (I think she had blonde hair and was wearing a yellow leotard). It was a fast moving song and it sounded like she was singing 'Pick a pear, grab a pear oooh oooh' It was a while ago so that is all I have.

20 Aug 2014

Im trying to find a song it has i think a blonde singin shebinvites a few people over guys and girls and they having a pillowfight in their underwear and jumping on the bed

20 Apr 2014

Pauline +(the song)

Can you tell me who sang the song "PAULINE"

The song was not a hit for anyone

25 Mar 2014

I'm a preacher I'm a teacher, midnight

I'm a preacher I'm a teacher, midnight

Steve Miller Band "The Joker"?

25 Aug 2013

Looking for a song

Im looking for a song title of the 80s. Its a disco song and the lyrics i remember of that song are...looking at this photograph...and the rest i dont have a clue but the songs starts with only music...that song played a lot in disco bars in the 80s

Maybe Steve Allen "Letter From My Heart" (1985), Google says Blue Aeroplanes "Careful Boy" but that was not a hit.

Nickelback "Photograph" (2005).

29 Mar 2012

english hiphop with spanish words ft. lil wayne+

English hiphop with spanish words ft. Lil wayne