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8 Aug 2022

Music 60's

I am looking for a song that had "As Usual" regularly in it. In late 60's, weused to always be singing As Usual +in the back of the car- not knowing the rest of the song. I thought it was Beverley sisters, but cant find it. Brenda Lee does have one, but the song I remember was funny and was faster than hers.

Brenda Lee has the only song called "As Usual" in our lists

14 Feb 2021

Song title or TV show

Song title or TV show. +Song is newer than 2000, saw it on some type ofbroadcast show, didn't seem like the music video for the song, young white female singer, took place in a staged soda shop, ended with guy who made the milkshake wearing it, only lyric I can remember was "UGH" as last line of the hook, UGH was the only printed lyric and it covered the whole screen, was not a rap song, seems like it may have been her first hit, 2-3 female dancers, sorry that's all I got. +

27 Jan 2020

looking for a country song

its about two cowboys riding one horse and are lost, one line is-- far in the east where both they come another line--two buddies side by side anotherline-- tell her i sleep neath a pillow so deep, under dakotas cross

28 Aug 2019

Old Country Song

Ugly face I love you, Ugly face I need you , Ugly face your right there by myside.

22 Mar 2019

Up In Your Rocket Car

Looking for old song with lyrics: You can reach the moon, you can catch a star when you're up in your rocket car, you can sing your song as you blast along,Up In your Rocket Car. Yes you can, yes you can, you can be like Superman, rocketing through outer space.So just dream your dreams, like the kings and queens, Up In Your Rocket Car. This is an old song my father sang to me when I was a little girl! Thank You

Thank You