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8 Nov 2020

The song starts with a girl humming then a guy starts rapping like a pop rap

6 Sep 2020

US UK songs of the 80-90s+

At first, i looking for a pops song of 80-90s idk Europe or US....and the second i forgot full name of that male singer, rhythm, lyrics, i just remember a little bit of the MV. And now, i describe the whole the opening,y’ll saw long hair singer( that male singer in whole MV there is no cascadeurs...) he wears glasses look very cool and he turn himself to a shop or hotel idk but he saw a lady......Sorry i just got that.....pls who know tell me pls and text me.....

25 Apr 2020

pop song

pop song with a guy in an alleyway singing with glasses. Then there is a ninjain turquoise whos attempting to jump onto another building, and its just the ninja dude walking around like some kind of crime fighter

5 Apr 2020

Song by a female singer from 2000s

The only lyrics I remember are “i-I-I need you, because I-I-I need you-ou-ou-ou-ou” Kind of an electronic vibe from it.+

7 Sep 2019

Country song sung by a girl about football

She sings through their numbers and the only part I can remember is “nobodymesses with number 23”.

9 May 2018

Song by a female singer from the 1950's early 60"s?

The Lyrics goes like this "Nobody knows it's the end of the world it ended when you said goodbye" Can you find the title and the singer who sang thissong?

6 May 2018

Girl who never gets wet

A girl who never gets wet even though she's the captains

18 Dec 2017

No time for love

The song starts with a dog barking, tyres screeching and children laughing+

17 Nov 2017

No no no no thats all I ever hear i am just a little baby been here about twoyears+

1 Aug 2017


identify the song with lyrics: in the new England sunshine you can hear thenorth wind blow in the new England sunshine I've got you in my arms and I'm never gonna let you go. North and south east and west baby you're the best baby you're the best

17 Feb 2017

Never gonna hold back, no oh oh

9 Oct 2016

The only part I can come up with is. da da da da da .... Now you're gone...dada da da da + of course the da da da's aren't actually there, but other words.. +the now, you're gone is drawn out ++ I think it might be a make group, maybe in the 60's

14 Feb 2016

Song lyrics

Song about guy cheating on his wife calls his girlfriend Mr peters on phone

24 Mar 2015

R&b song

4 Sep 2014

Pop song+

This song has a pop tune to it and a girl that mumbles something and says nothing like me and then a guy starts to sing almost like a pop rap and then the girl starts singing again.+

25 Aug 2014


5 Jul 2014


Lyrics: Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na+