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9 Jun 2023

nice day in the jungle

looking for a woman and sees monkey and ends up fucking the chimp

13 Jan 2023

Three Member Girl Group

Hello, looking for a female girl group between 1982 and 1984. They may beLatin, but are signing an R&B song with forever in the lyrics.+

18 Mar 2022

hired farm hand and lady farm owner

I heard a song on Dr. Demento maybe 20-30 years ago. From the 1920s I think. Ablack farm hand was singing about working for the lady who owned the farm and one of the lines was "First I plow her field, and then I plant my seed."

21 Sep 2021


i need help with a name alli can member is it was a young black guy singingoutside dancing like freesytling and his name is somthing to do with the name freezie or somthing like that+

29 Nov 2020

clown and womans dancing in the fair

electronic music of a fair where there are clowns and women dancing in thefair games and the only word that comes to mind is "guase loteria" or something like that

19 Nov 2020

Who had a hit in the 70's with a song with the word freedom in the title. Itwas one guy singing with a growly voice.

23 Oct 2020

60s R&B song

"I am the fantastic W (double-u) Oh-Oh-Oh"

15 Apr 2020

lyric I so'moke em boo da yeah


14 Mar 2020

What the F***

the name of the song was what the Fuck. +if was sung by a guy with a deepvoice with a accent..the track had a sensual beat to it

18 Feb 2020

Solo female singer in a video dancing with two sailors+

14 Jan 2020

Fat Girl

A guy sings about how this girl is so fat, and how she eats everything. Hesays he loves her for it. It's very fast

10 Jan 2020

Tejano song from the 80's with the word flight+

17 Dec 2019

Reggie song

Reggie song “your too fat fatty to be on top”

3 Dec 2019


A boy plays football his Father watches every game but he is always on thebench then the father dies and he gets to play.

16 Sep 2019


There's this singer, a bit old, she's is on a stage in those smallpresentation shows, she sings an old song about how time has passed, now she is old, that she wanted to have enjoyed more life.+

17 Aug 2019


Somewhere between ‘00 and ‘05 there was this song on the Dutch radio sungby A woman. Flowers in the lyrics. The fibe was A bit flowerpower and uptempo

12 Jul 2019

reggae / ska song

I am looking for a song that has the following lyrics in the chorus (and I am not 100% sure these are totally correct) ... "and she hit him on da head with da frying pan, Oh Lord ....." Thanks

Try "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson (1971)

17 Jun 2019

Song with white horse

Old band playing a song in the Forrest with 1 guy riding a white horse About 70/80s song And the band wears all black+

15 Jun 2019


song sung by a guy who is telling people to have a good time at his funeral

23 May 2019

looking for a song. Is there such a band named Lively singer? something about ( forgive me , im the one that drove the nails in ur hands)+

23 May 2019

Fire Song

Song starting with Do you think by my dress I would rob a hens nest

23 May 2019

Song Lyric

I'm looking for song lyric to Fly Away from SPM

22 Apr 2019

I’m looking for a song about a lesbian girl standing by a fountain in lovewith a girl that is with a guy and then comes back to her.+

26 Jan 2019

I’m looking for a song titled forever by an artist named nuambe. Played onSirius radio. Does anyone have it or know where to find it?

9 Jan 2018


fly to Jesus was a refrain in the song. It is not the Chris Rice on

20 Dec 2017

+I think the artist name starts with the letter F. The music video she hasblonde hair and red lipstick. She is wearing a white button up shirt and blue jeans. She also plays the drum in the music video.+

31 Oct 2017

lyrics to a club song+

lyrics are "i will follow you, it doesn't matter where you want me to" or along those lines, and another part goes "you'll always have a piece of me"

22 Aug 2017

french lyrics

I am searching for a song, sound more like a ballade or an act. it was late or mid 1980's. Could be 1990's. Music +starts and lovers speak in french. Loverslater have sex and then you hear footsteps, knock on door and then banging on the door. Then door kicked in and shots fired. sirens are heard and someone, probably police or reporter speaks. everything is in French.+

24 Feb 2017


Freddy is Dead...Freedy is Dead...Freedy is Dead"

3 Nov 2016

fallin or falling in love female artist dance tune

20 Oct 2016

I'm falling

28 Aug 2016


18 Jul 2016

2016 +RnB female artist feat male+

The song is about sex and being faded with lyrics I can't contain it+

16 Jul 2016

for you are the magic

27 May 2016

+year 1971+

Rock prog group called felt album called felt can you tell me where I can buyit from.I have tried amazon and eBay no joy+

2 May 2016


28 Apr 2016

Hopes are High

I know the song titled "Hopes are high" by a gospel singer named Fred Hammond,but even with this amount of information, I still cant seem to find the video or recording anywhere. I remember listening to this song playing in thr car on my mothers radio or on a disc, im not sure, but if anyone knows this song, please contact me ASAP. Thanks

20 Dec 2015

fire I want fire

This song was made in the late 70s or early 80s I dont know the group just thesonng it goes: fire I want fire ooh bye you it was a soul song

4 Dec 2015

song from 2000s

Hi I'mhoping someone can help me…I'm trying to remember a song which I thought was Freestyler but the video doesn't match what I remember. I remember a girl dancing down the street (maybe NYC) changing clothes / styles and wearing headphones. Sorry I can't remember more…not much to go on but perhaps someone knows it. hopeful

14 Nov 2015

Songs withe "free" in the title.

8 Sep 2015

Song: On The Farm, answer

For lyrics to On The Farm song, go to

13 Jul 2015

on the farm

I'm looking for a song from the early 1900's that includes the words "how canyou keep them on the farm when they've seen gay Paris?

14 Apr 2015

what song is this+

an old lady sits by her window one day

5 Feb 2015


i'm looking for the artist who remade the song Free by Denise Williams.

Type "Free" into the search box (top right) and select "Song title 175 - Free"

5 Jan 2015

family affairs remix

looking for a family affairs remix, something you would hear at a club. +Veryfast paced all the way through.

18 Nov 2014

Looking for the song . this is the first pharagram

First we all se that a man and a lady Ride o' er the hills and the dells They've came a lng way so that they could be counted, In our story of Bethlehem bell.

4 Nov 2014


Climb on top of me ++ Fall Choir chorus+

4 Oct 2014

Male artist

Looking for a song with the following lyrics" If I act sort of strange when i ask your name i'm sorry and if my voice gets weak when I try to speak forgive me (its the only way i know how to say i need you)

3 Oct 2014

Male artist

Looking for a song with the following lyrics" If I act sort of strange when i ask your name i'm sorry and if my voice gets weak when I try to speak forgive me (its the only way i know how to say i need you)

3 Oct 2014

looking for this song

the song that starts If I act sort strange when i ask your name and if my voice gets weak when I try to speak forgive me its the only way i know how to say i need yo

27 Sep 2014


Song about man thinking flowers for his wife but rally for daughter leaving home E

22 Sep 2014


I am looking for a song ..I thought the supremes sung it in the 80's. I know it was a female vocalist and I remember prettiest face I believe..Someone out there that remembers..been looking for a very long time..

21 Sep 2014


I am looking for the name of the male artist who sang The Face

12 Sep 2014

For the love of you

I am looking for the background music or track for this song. For the love of you

27 Aug 2014

I'm looking for an older song, I believe it might be a female group back in the 90's & they sing something about "love from a to zed" & they sing something about a "flagpole" it's driving me crazy cuz Idk the name of the song or who sings it & can't remember how the whole song goes I just know it has these words in it. If anybody can help me- plz email me at thnk you. P.s. It's not Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta" either.

26 Aug 2014


Im looking for a song that says " Fascination, is all I do, is think about you" it was a black female singer with amazing voice. I would say maybe very early 90's

16 Aug 2014

I need help looking for a song

Pls I am looking for a gospel song sang by a female with chorus- free.. Free to lift my hamd, free to say amen, free to know, dt someday I can smile again... I am free

24 Jun 2014

Song with the chorus We were friends

I am looking for a song with the that says "We were friends, before we were lovers and isn't that the way it should be. Now honey don't change a single thing

10 Jun 2014

All I know are the two lines that go 'I have friends, they have beautiful lives'.

9 May 2014

flute hit songs in the 70s

l looking for a song that was a big hit in the 70s with flute doing the lead melody and with fender rhodes in the background

1 Mar 2014

song sung by Lou Gramm

I am trying to find a song,sung by Lou Gramm. The song starts with 'still no news from you'

Lou Gramm had 5 minor hits "Just Between You & Me", "Midnight Blue", "True Blue Love", "Ready Or Not" and "Chains of Love" all between 1987 and 1990

17 Nov 2013


im looking for a slong song with the lyrics face to face, its a female singer. possibly form the early eighties. + thanks