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23 Feb 2020

The Mechanic’s daughter

It’s a Spanish/Mexican music video. The singer has blond hair as far as Iknow and is driving a bike that broken in the middle of nowhere. He then goes to a small town and finds a mechanic, just to soon next fall in love with his daughter. That’s all I remember. Also I’m not sure but I think the title or the lyrics has something about “te quiero” or maybe “te quieras”

23 Jul 2016


30 Apr 2015

1960's song by an African American woman

The lyrics go like this: "give me a list of what's not to be done and I'll start doing it today. +Add to that list words not to be said and they're the first words that I'll say..."+

27 Oct 2014


Singing to a girl who he knows loves him by her reaction to him when she is near him. +Some lyrics are. I know you (love) ( want) me by the way you quiver when your near me. Help it wax a beautiful song all about her reaction to him+

27 Oct 2014


I know you ove me by the way