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16 Jan 2021

looking for a russian song

the song lyrics goes like "veronica" then blah blah and then goes "la la la lala" and an old instrument starts playing (like the mexican portable piano) and the song is filmed/recorded on the beach, females sing it i do not remember if its 1 female or more than 1.

2 Jul 2019

Song -- I would like to get the full lyrics

The Violins play the song and everyone has got to sing along; The trumpet insists that he knows the score, he's played it at least 2o times before; The horn, the horn, just scoffs with scorn; The clarinet, he doesn't know it but he'll learn it yet.+

5 Apr 2017

girl in red dress comes in takes rich mens money and then runs away with the lead singer song begins with v

5 Aug 2015

the victors

Jesus Is Coming Soon, Lord I Hear You Calling My Name/ 60's or 70's CHRISTIANQUARTET.

21 Sep 2013

U do it best when u do nothing at all