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Songs from the Year 1900

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This page lists the top songs of 1900 in the source charts. The way that the various charts are combined to reach this final list is described on the in the site generation page.

There are almost no charts from before 1920 so this list is heavily determined by very few entries.

Because of the way the site works the year assigned to these songs is liable to have been artificially pushed into the 20th Century. For example "Stars & Stripes Forever" was acutually released in 1897.

The top ten song artists of 1900 were:

1:Harry MacDonough3:Arthur Collins5:Jere Mahoney7:Steve Porter9:Len Spencer
2:Albert Campbell4:George J Gaskin6:Dan Quinn8:Vess Ossman10:Haydn Quartet
# Artist Song Title Year Chart Entries
1 Steve Porter A Bird in a Gilded Cage 1900 US Billboard 1 - May 1900 (11 weeks)
2 George J Gaskin When You Were Sweet Sixteen 1900 US Billboard 1 - Nov 1900 (10 weeks)
3 Len Spencer Ma Tiger Lily 1900 US Billboard 1 - Jul 1900 (10 weeks)
4 Thomas Alva Edison Mary Had a Little Lamb 1900 Grammy Hall of Fame in 2018 (1900)
5 Arthur Collins Mandy Lee 1900 US Billboard 1 - Feb 1900 (8 weeks)
6 Jere Mahoney A Bird in a Gilded Cage 1900 US Billboard 1 - Apr 1900 (10 weeks)
7 Albert Campbell Ma Blushin' Rosie 1900 US Billboard 1 - Dec 1900 (11 weeks)
8 George J Gaskin When Cloe Sings a Song 1900 US Billboard 1 - Mar 1900 (7 weeks)
9 Haydn Quartet Because 1900 US Billboard 1 - Oct 1900 (6 weeks)
10 Jere Mahoney When You Were Sweet Sixteen 1900 US Billboard 1 - Mar 1900 (11 weeks)
11 Arthur Collins Ma Tiger Lily 1900 US Billboard 1 - Aug 1900 (11 weeks)
12 Louis Bradfield I Want to Be a Military Man 1900 Peel list 1 of 1900
13 Dan Quinn When Reuben Comes to Town 1900 US Billboard 2 - Dec 1900 (5 weeks)
14 Harry MacDonough A Bird in a Gilded Cage 1900 US Billboard 2 - Oct 1900 (4 weeks)
15 Harry MacDonough My Sunny Southern Home 1900 US Billboard 2 - Jun 1900 (3 weeks)
16 Albert Campbell Mandy Lee 1900 US Billboard 2 - Jan 1900 (5 weeks)
17 Vess Ossman A Coon Band Contest 1900 US Billboard 2 - Sep 1900 (4 weeks)
18 Harry MacDonough The Holy City 1900 US Billboard 2 - Nov 1900 (5 weeks)
19 Harry MacDonough & Grace Spencer When We are Married 1900 US Billboard 2 - Sep 1900 (4 weeks)
20 Vess Ossman Old Folks at Home (Way Down Upon the Swanee River) 1900 US Billboard 2 - Jan 1900 (5 weeks)
21 Harry MacDonough I Can't Tell Why I Love You But I Do 1900 US Billboard 2 - Nov 1900 (7 weeks)
22 JW Myers Good-Bye, Dolly Gray 1900 US Billboard 2 - May 1900 (4 weeks)
23 Byron G Harlan & AD Madeira In the Shadow of the Pines 1900 US Billboard 2 - Feb 1900 (6 weeks)
24 Gus Glen If it Wasn't For The 'Ouses in Between 1900 Peel list 2 of 1900
25 Albert Campbell If You Were Only Mine 1900 US Billboard 3 - Jan 1900 (2 weeks)
26 American Quartet A Night Trip to Buffalo 1900 US Billboard 3 - Sep 1900 (3 weeks)
27 Harry MacDonough Mandy Lee 1900 US Billboard 3 - Mar 1900 (3 weeks)
28 Harry MacDonough My Wild Irish Rose 1900 US Billboard 3 - Oct 1900 (4 weeks)
29 Steve Porter Little Brown Jug 1900 US Billboard 3 - Jul 1900 (3 weeks)
30 Dan Quinn San Francisco Sadie 1900 US Billboard 3 - Sep 1900 (3 weeks)
31 Arthur Christian Soldiers of The Queen 1900 Peel list 3 of 1900
32 Harry MacDonough I Love You Just the Same 1900 US Billboard 4 - Dec 1900 (2 weeks)
33 Edward M Favor I'd Leave My Happy Home for You 1900 US Billboard 4 - Jan 1900 (2 weeks)
34 Dan Quinn Nothing's Too Good for the Irish 1900 US Billboard 4 - Feb 1900 (2 weeks)
35 Peter Dawson The Miner's Dream of Home 1900 Peel list 4 of 1900
36 Felix Mayol La Paimpolaise 1900 France (Historical) 10 of the 1900s & 1910s (1900)
37 Polin Le Trottoir De L'exposition 1900 France (Historical) 18 of the 1900s & 1910s (1900)
38 Various Artists Happy Birthday 1900 BBC Rich Song 1 (songwriter royalties $49.5M)

The comments here are from the the MusicID impact site site. This version is not able to accept comments yet

23 May 2023

name of the song from the 1960's with the lyrics. “ if I had an airplane here I would fly away do you know where you would go how long you would stay if the day were fair and bright +I would fly far out of sight it's not flying weather when the sky is gray. ….”

Song in elementary school in the 60’s

18 Sep 2021

Trying to find this please help+

What was the song that had a blonde singer in a white dress with some birds. She was walking through some rooms and I think there were some football players too+

20 Mar 2021

Adding audio clips or links

Could you add audio clips or links to YouTube videos of these songs? Somepeople might feel like that is better.

No. For one thing there would be copyright issues, but more importantly there are almost 150,000 songs listed here, adding links would take too long.

29 Jan 2021

My mother, born in 1901 loved to sing. Whatever she was doing, whethercleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. she was singing. She sang a song that I would love to have the title and lyrics that included the words "I was seeing Nellie was from Aunt Dinah's quilting party, I was seeing Nellie home." Can you help?

31 Oct 2020

1890s data

There is pleanty of evidence to suggest who the most popular artists of the1890s were, george J gaskin being one of them. Could you maybe fond a way to include them? (Record industry started in 1891)

We really have too little data for any year before 1920. Pushing it to 1900 is a strech, going further would not be useful

12 Aug 2020


I dont know the year or song name but my grandfather sung it when I was achild 30 some years ago. The only part I remember is "It was just a little brown bottle floating in the sea". Google just gives me songs about alcohol which are not even close. I think it may have been from when he was in ww2 but i dont know for sure.

19 Jul 2020

Old funny song

My uncle used to sing this, grandpa had a set of false teeth, he took them out one day last week, he set them on the seat as he drove to town, they bit him on the bum and now he can’t sit down.

Need help finding who sang/wrote this son and full lyrics p,ease help

4 Apr 2020


Number 1 song on June 30, 1950

4 Mar 2020

Harry MacDonough Song

I have been trying for quite some time to find a copy of "I Love You Just TheSame" by Harry MacDonough. +Does anyone know where I could get at least an MP3 of it? +Thanks!

The obvious source would be

2 Feb 2020

Pass greyhound bus

An old country song from about 1960 that said, can't pass that greyhound bus.

21 Jan 2020

I am trying to find an old country song about a little girl who died in a fire

14 Jan 2020



10 Jan 2020

frieda song

It's not Frieda comes etc the song is "Freedom comes, Freedom goes by TheFortunes

12 Dec 2019

Lost song

I am trying to find an old song called "Lonely Footsteps" the song starts with the words: My lonely footsteps echoed down the street, how can i smile ateveryone I meet

18 Nov 2019


Hi! I'm looking for a song my mom used to always listen and dance to. I am notsure if the name but I do definitely know the lyrics in the chorus. Can u gotta help me out? The words I know are......."Frieda comes Frieda goes tells you yes and then she tells you no....Freida never stays long .....freidas moving along".... I don't even know the artist

27 Aug 2019

That one remix song from tik tok

It's a 1940's song I heard on tik tok and I can't find it

16 Jul 2019


Appreciate the morning cause its what we have right here.. House song SA not sure about the lyric they go tonight ayi ai ai ahaa

25 Apr 2019

i'm trying to find a song my grandmother sang to me in the 1950's , but the song was probably older as she was born in 1888. i remember: ...a little bear(or doll) sat on/in a toy shop (shelf) once....

23 Apr 2019

Song of the 1890 drawing room songs The Black Bird..

There was a Black in The Tree...The melody he sang to me..was a sweet Tra la .....

6 Oct 2018

I m looking for an indian bollywood song from 1996 that may be a private song mean not in movies that lyrics are Naa wada karen ge naa khayen ge qasmen Nibhayen ge lekin muhabbat ki rasmen Will you please find out this song for me?? +M dying to listen that

Bollywood songs tend not to have enough impact n the places where charts are available to make our chart

15 May 2018

I am looking for a song my grandmother used to sing to me in the 1940s. I onlyremember 'Tis snowing, 'tis snowing. The earth quickly fills, with soft gentle snowflakes that fall from the hills

24 Jun 2017

I Love You Just The Same

I have been unsuccessful in finding an MP3 download of "I Love You Just The Same" by Harry MacDonough. +Does anyone on here have a copy that they can e-mail to me? Thanks!!!!

28 Aug 2016

Dark the night when everything is still and the moon comes peeping o've the hill

My father used to sing this to me and it brings back happy memories. Any idea about its origin or who sang it? Probably popular first part of 20th c. Grateful for any info!!

9 Aug 2016

Black group

The song off of a album call moving on it goes moving on this is my life

8 Jun 2016

Mchalliejohnson's wedding. She was to marry a black man she said his collar+never. Stopped. It. Ran around An +around his neck+

4 Jun 2016

give baby away

Oh, Mother Dear I gave away the baby, so you won't have so very much to do.+And if you think it best, I'll give away the rest, so you won't have so very much to do. +I chose Ned, the first I said, because he was so small he wouldn't be missed. +Mother screamed so loud it seemed///+

4 May 2016


I need to find the songs that were most listened to during the month of July in the year 1915.

It is hard enough to find he songs that were listened to in 1915, specifying the month is beyond what is possible. You can guess from this list (but that only works for the USA)

26 Apr 2016


i was wondering if anyone could help me I HAVE TRIED without success to findout the name of a song with the words SHE has rings on her fingers bells on her toes elephants to ride on i cd not catch the next words which may inclde title it was included in film will rogers story made in 1952 I RECKIN IT WAS POPULAR AROUND 1914 clinton ford used to sing it on bbc light programme in late 50s but does not seem to have recorded it +wd be glad to know name

We think the song "Rings on her fingers" (or "Be my Nabob") was from the 19th century so predates this list

3 Mar 2016

How was it in 1900?


26 Oct 2015

Railway song

I would like to find a song that my father sang. +I think it was called the"Midnight Mail". +I think the first line was "How well I remember 'twas three weeks ago, when all the railway was covered in snow" Thanks!

22 Aug 2014

Thank you

Awesome site. I've copied 1900-2013 into Excel for personal use. This is aninvaluable tool for building a comprehensive music library. Not that I want all of these in my library, or that all my faves are listed herein, but it's a VERY good start.


Of course the data is available for Excel as a CSV file on the versions page

12 Feb 2014

Happy Birthday! I Need The Song

Hello, I Would Like To Find A Song!! Its Called "Happy Birthday" I Will Need That Cause My Son Wants To Hear The Singer...

6 Feb 2014

Dude.... I Need A Song

Hi I Need A Song Its Called " My Wild Irish Rose" Its A Nice Song My Grand Parents Always Used To Sing That To Me When I Was Growing Up!! D: Please Find It! :D+

We can't find the song for you (we don't have any music here, just charts)

The song was a hit for various acts from 1900 but you probably want to find Jan Garber's 1937 version

6 Feb 2014

Song! d:+

I would like to track down a song called "I'd Leave My Happy Home For You" d:jk I 'm in school being bored!

The song "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You" was a hit in 1900 for Edward M Favor

The song "Would You Leave Your Happy Home for Me?" was a 1906 hit for Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan

16 Apr 2013

I only know the chorus, whats the title please

I only know the chorus of this song and would like the words to all of it, and title please. 'Then her mama went out dadadada dedede

And her papa went out ++ ++ +" and then the fire went out but when the lights went out dadadada dadadede etrc.

6 Apr 2013

music lyrics

Hello there!

Can you tell me what is the title of the song with the lyrics "wake up o my darling, wake up and listen to that you can remember all that you have promised me..." (or something to that effect).

My late grandparents used to sing me that song when i was young.

I hope you can send me feedback. +I wish i could have a copy too because the song always reminds me of how lucky i am to have them both when i was growing up.

Thanks and regards.


23 Jan 2013

oh wow... >.< i love there songs!!!!

26 Sep 2012

music in the 20th century

for an essay at the end of this term we have to answer this question 'what was the most remarkable decade in the 20th century?' we need to give reasons for our oppinion, music might be a good thing to write about, help

You might like to look at the FAQ question "Can the charts here tell us anything about long term trends", as well as some of the anlalysis on the "Sales over time" section of the "albums sales" page.

Also the CSV file (available from the "Versions" page) could provide some evidence to support whatever argument you might want to put forward. Personally I wouldn't like to have to single out any one decade as being "the most remarkable", I can think of good arguments to pick any of them.

17 Sep 2012

words and music

im looking for a song called "i cant tell why i love you but i do" sung by miss julie mackey can you help?

The only version of the song that we have a listing of is by Harry MacDonough

26 Apr 2012

music lyrics

I'm looking for the lyrics of a song my Mother use to sing to me, the name of the song isd 'When Papa put the paper on the walls'. Could you help me?

25 May 2010


love these songs! >.<