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Surely XXX is too high/low, can't you fix that?

We often have had comments about the order of the main charts, for example one US based user complained that Cliff Richard was too high. Of course the fact that a particular act has failed to chart in your country, or was a wild success, does not always reflect their international standing.

These lists are produced by a completely automated process that takes the input charts and generates the web site, once the scoring approach is defined the result cannot be "voted for". If you suspect that the original entries are wrong check the source charts and tell us, but once those entries are in the process assigns rankings automatically.

Another complaint we have seen is that the order of songs here contradicts an order based on "worldwide sales". For example at fan sites dedicated to Abba, Michael Jackson and Eagles we have seen statements to the effect that "Song XXX sold XX million copies worldwide while song YYY did worse, so song YYY being higher in the the MusicID impact site chart must be wrong". The first thing to say is that all artists exaggerate their worldwide sales figures, some worse than others, it is a safe assumption that any claimed worldwide sales number is a lie. The second thing is that the lists on this site show chart success, not sales numbers.

Just to repeat: On this site no one gets a vote, the chart orderings here are the result of combining the source charts according to the rules, no-one is allowed to adjust the results, not even the administrators.

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