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Lists of lists

Place these in groups of four:

  1. A kitchen chair
  2. Ten thousand spoons
  3. Her bathing on the roof
  4. Give her the car keys
  5. Saying hokey-dokey
  6. Sangria in the park
  7. Black fly in your Chardonnay
  8. Problems all left alone
  9. How much I love you
  10. Meeting the man of my dreams
  11. She helps me to bed
  12. Cut your hair
  13. Days when I ain't spotty
  14. Feed animals in the zoo
  15. Yellow socks
  16. Valleys of green
  17. The kings of England
  18. The baffled king composing
  19. Caractacus's uniform
  20. Rain on your wedding
  21. The Frogs of Aristophanes
  22. Rain drops on roses
  23. Curing small pox
  24. Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
  25. Painted deserts
  26. Deer in the glen
  27. Warm woolen mittens
  28. Differential calculus
  29. Tears in the rain
  30. Cream-colored ponies
  31. Long blonde hair
  32. Later a movie

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