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A Mosaic of Album Covers

  1. Start at the edge
  2. What did they record on the tour?
  3. Which female singer comes from the same country?
  4. Which album was five years later?
  5. Which other singer comes from the same country as this female one?
  6. Linda Ronstdat sang on this one which one did she not sing on?
  7. Beverly Hills to Burbank, where Syd wasn't
  8. Touring with animals inspired the next
  9. This became a film, which one started as one?
  10. On this John wears a white suit, on which is the white suit not John?
  11. This singer was on the cover of Vanity Fair twice, what other shot did the same photographer take?
  12. He was born to it, which band was on it?
  13. Which cover has the grandfather of one of these?
  14. Which name was coined by the other psychologist?
  15. Which one shares a studio, and a singer?
  16. Who thinks this is like the Mississippi?
  17. Where is there a photograph of the singer?
  18. This won a Grammy for album of the year, who won the award three times in the next six years?
  19. Which other one had Stevie singing?
  20. This was in Sausalito, which was in Oakland 27 years later?
  21. This is the most recent, which is the oldest?
  22. John sang live once because he lost a bet. With who?
  23. Which other album title has a colour?
  24. Where was this recorded?

OK where didn't we visit? Why?

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